Friday, 27 November 2015

River Horse Newsletter

I'm guessing 'Hippo Friday' and 'Black Friday' are basically the same thing...

"Hippo Friday" Super Sale weekend.

You may of noticed a fair few sales going on this weekend. Well, we thought it would be rude of us not to join in.
Head over to our website and have a look at our weekend deals and at some of the discounts scattered liberally around the other areas of the store - have a browse around!

If you are waiting to jump into Terminator, never a better time – you can save over £50 on out Mega Resin Starter Set.

There is also free shipping (Worldwide) on all orders over £80

The Spidertank and 1984 set are now back in stock, and we've added 'Pops' on motorbike in resin too.

Dive in here.
We get asked so many times for the Hippo Knight that Alessio's gone on a quest to find a few more of the legendary super-heavy cavalryman...

We have a limited number available here. This metal figure comes with a helmeted 'Knight' head, as well as the 'Alessio' head. See the model as it was sculpted here.

Sneak Peak

We couldn't leave you without a sneak peak at the upcoming Dog Handler for Terminator Genysis, sculpted by Luigi.
He (the dog handler, not Luigi), and a few other super-cool new models, will be available in a couple of weeks in time for Christmas on our website... unless Skynet steps in to change that, of course.

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think

Christmas last posting dates:

UK - 18th Dec
Europe - 13th Dec
Rest of the World - 4th Dec

These are the last dates we can post to make sure your order reaches you before Christmas.
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