Friday, 13 November 2015

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The Times Ahead

It’s an exciting and busy time at Mantic, with Kings of War, Dungeon Saga and DreadBall all fighting for attention before Christmas. Here's an update of where things are at, and where things are going...

Dungeon Saga

Dungeon Saga is very close to being in everyone’s hands. Copies of the game will hit shelves by the end of November and we’ll have a week of Dungeon Saga beginning on the 23rd November to celebrate it’s global launch!
At the same time, the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter Dispatch is still ongoing and very near completion – if you’re a Kickstarter Backer expecting the game keep an eye out on the updates for all of the latest information.

Kings of War

The Uncharted Empires book contains all new background and nine force lists should you have suitable miniatures to play these forces in Kings of War.

Pre-order it here and it’ll ship in two weeks, alongside November's new reinforcements such as the brutal Ogre Hunters and disgusting Zombie Trolls.


Hot on the futuristic heels of DreadBall Season Six hitting shelves along with four new teams, rules for four DreadBall Giants, and a cast of new MVPs - next week we’ll show you more on the DreadBall Rankings and Organised Play Kits that Community Pat and the studio have been working on.
The next few weeks are set to be maelstrom of hobby activity, with organized play for Kings of War and DreadBall, new websites, videos, articles and more – and that’s all with Uncharted Empires and Dungeon Saga hitting retail shelves.

Oo, and there’s a super secret playtest day taking place at Mantic HQ tomorrow… and the Open Day (which is sold out!) the following week!

Stay tuned Fanatics.
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