Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares Newsletter

Some more news about Warlord Games's 'Beyond the Gates of Antares'...

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By integrating yourself with the machine you will be the first to find out everything there is to know about Beyond the Gates of Antares by Rick Priestley.
Battle Reports, Homebrewed fluff and all manner of Antarean hobby projects are cropping-up all over the internet - with each day, our ranks swell & our power grows.


Continuing our recent article series looking at the community's colour schemes - this week we take a closer look at the Boromite forces amassing at the various corners of the Antarean universe!
Above: Matt Houghton's Work Gang - click the pic for more colour schemes!
Incase you missed the previous parts in the series, here are the Ghar and Concordcolour scheme articles - packed with fantastic ideas and inspiration!
This weekend, the official Antares Facebook Page reached 2,000 Likes - we celebrated in style by previewing the forthcoming C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone
Click the image above to view the full render, to see the drone from all angles!
....and as if all of that wasn't enough! 
This week we launched another Antares video - with Warlorder Rich.C chatting to Rick about the technology and terrain of the Antarean universe - click to view
Click for more info
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