Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Well It Is Still December... (Part 2)

Basing makes all the difference and with the exception of the Komainu for whom I'll be ordering some Wyrd Games 40mm 'Asian Zen' base inserts all the models assembled in this post here are now based.

Most of the models have a fairly generic sand base with the exception of the Lone Swordsman who is on a 30mm Asian Zen base insert that I had left over in one of my many containers of stuff and the Brotherhood of the Rat models who have been based in the same style as the Hamelin crew with which they'll be being used and my original metal Hamelin crew here. There's a 'sort-of' tutorial for how I made them here should you be interested.

I've also put the summoning magic from the Hamelin set onto a 40mm base done in the same style that I will be using as a Rat King proxy.

Additionally in a 'good news, bad news' situation I got a letter through my door telling me that my long awaited Black Friday order was available to collect from my local post office. The reason I'm going to have to collect it however was because I've been hit for custom charges. It happens occasionally with other companies when I order from abroad but for some reason it happens every bloody time with a Wyrd Games order...anyway...

That means that I've got a busy few days of photography and model assembly ahead of me which will be interrupted only briefly by an Iron Kingdoms RPG session on Saturday.

Thoughts and comments are ( as usual) most welcome.


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