Wednesday, 30 December 2015

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Some new release news from Mantic Games...

Darkness Rising
The Abyss has opened and the world of Mantica will tremble. February see the release of a totally new army for Kings of War – the demonic Forces of the Abyss. These evil beings have always been in the background for Kings of War – ever since the apocalyptic God War. Thanks to the support of our Kickstarter backers, they have been fully realised for the first time as a tabletop force.
In the north-east of Mantica lies the Abyss; a vast rent in the ground, to which evil beings flock like moths to a flame. This chasm is a wound in the skin of the world, a prison for the vilest beings ever to walk the world of Mantica. Banished there at the end of the God War, twenty-seven wicked dieties plot the downfall of civilisation, led by the most devious of their number, Oskan the Father of Lies.

The armies of the Abyss are without number. Surging from the fiery realms of the Abyss, cackling Imps and Lower Abyssals march to war alongside the graceful and terrifying Succubi. Lumbering Molochs and Abyssal Fiends cut through swathes of enemies warriors, while Flamebearers and Efreet hurl sorcerous flames into their foes. The souls of the lost and the damned scream for an end to their torment, whilst the mighty gods look on with malice.
The Forces of the Abyss are a brand new army for Kings of War. The bulk of the army is made up of hard plastic infantry kits, complete with optional weapons and fun extras like Imps. Once you’ve built your core force, you can grow your army with the expanded range of miniatures, including the Abyssal Fiend, Molochs and the Efreet and Abyss Champion hero kits, each of which also have alternate components.
Want to find out more about the Forces of the Abyss? Read 'The Twelve Days of Mantic Christmas #5: You won’t want to Abyss this!'
Destiny of Kings is the campaign book for Kings of War and features the Quest of the Necromancer Campaign rules, stats for using your Dungeon Saga heroes in Kings of War and much much more. Read all about it here.

Pre-order it from your local hobby store, the Mantic Webstore and on Mantic Digital.
The Crazy Box is back!
The Mantic Crazy Box is stuffed full of miniatures and accessories. They will start shipping from the 11th January, and there are now just 500 available. And trust us, that isn’t many... So don’t delay,  order your crazy box now!
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