Monday, 28 December 2015

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Mantic Games 'Crazy Box' sale is back on...

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas one and all, we hope that you had a great day yesterday.

We’re steaming into 2016 with all guns blazing, and what better way to kick-off our Winter Sale than with the return of the mighty, the incredible, the so-awesome-you-won’t-believe-it-until-you-have-one-in-your-hands Mantic Crazy Box!
The Crazy Box is back!
The Mantic Crazy Box is stuffed full of miniatures and accessories from across the range. The contents are random and Mr Renton was on the picking line ‘helping’ the warehouse pack them, so who truly knows what's in them.
Each box is worth at least twice the value you will purchase it at. There are two types available: Uber + Sci-fi, and you can order yours now.

They will start shipping from the 11th January, and there are just 1000 available. And trust us, that isn’t many - these sell out very quickly! So don’t delay, get with the craziness and order your crazy box now!
Play great games in 2016 with a little helping hand from the Mantic Elves. Get up to 50% off across select Mantic ranges including Mars Attacks, Deadzone, DreadBall Xtreme and more until midnight 11:59pm GMT Sunday 31st January 2016. See all our special offers here. Go now, be quick!

PLUS get 25% off any Mantic Digital purchase using the code JINGLEBELLS in the checkout, valid until 2nd January 2016.
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