Monday, 28 December 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some Christmas news from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Merry Christmas You Beautiful Old Building and Loan!
Best Christmas Movie Ever!

(Stop shouting Die Hard at your computer screen, it's weird)
Happy Holidays Everyone, whatever you may or may not celebrate.
I have decided to keep with newsletter tradition and put a complaint in this intro part, although this time a relevant one. I have lost count of the promotions this year that have made use of the '12 Days of Christmas' incorrectly! Umpteen newsletters in my mailbox, even Deadpool has done it. Except the 12 Days of Christmas start 'today' on Christmas Day! Stop using it as the run up to Christmas! Humbug!

Right, now that's off my chest, what do we have for you this Holiday season? Well, something a little bit odd if I'm honest :) For a start you'll need to keep an eye on our FB page, because I'm not sending out 12 newsletters, we'd be spamfiltered immediately. If you don't have FB then you can still look at it and just email us. We'll get to why you need to down below, but first a few messages ...
Free Minis for Everyone! ...
... who makes an order over Christmas.

(Is that mean? I'm tired and full of christmas cheer so I can't tell)
Yup, everyone who makes any kind of order while we're closed will get a Christmas Present from Hasslefree. We'll try to match it to your order but if you like you can make sure you get the right genre by mentioning it in the comments section.
Every order will get something, even if you just order a sheet of stickers or some bases. Why? Because we're awesome that's why! 
Paige is Back!
Each year for Christmas we bring back our 54mm Holiday Pin-up 'Paige'.
This year she comes with a brand new lick of paint from Scott 'The Black Hand' Hockley, he's even left her in the pretty box she comes in!
Christmas Minis
Also back are our Festive Minis set, including the 2 variants of Santa Libby, Party Kev and Newton the very tiny Elf :)
So, What's up with the 12 Days thing?
Ok, that's the holiday cheer bit out of the way, now to celebrate Christmas properly with some crass comercialism and a dash of competition leading to envy (leading to the Dark Side - go see it, it's great)..

You all know, or should know, that we run semi regular 'Challenges' for Kev, whereby I bribe him with Christmas cheer - even in the middle of July - and he makes things that I, and/or you guys, choose. So this will be our way of topping up the bribe fund, know that your purchases will go towards our next challenge and Kev's functional alcoholism ;)
Right, pay attention, because we were super busy for the last couple of months, right up until we closed for holidays, so even though this was planned a month in advance, it is being sorted approximately 'zero' in advance i.e. I am writing this right now on Christmas Day :D
Every night at 7pm GMT our FB page will be updated with a new item for sale. Tonight there will be 1 of that item, tomorrow 2 of the next item and so on.
(If something proves particularly popular it may make a return, a la the items in the song)

They will be a mix of pre-release metals, pre-release resins at a special price and limited edition items. Obviously the smaller numbered days will be the rarer items.

The Grinchy little twist is - First Come, First Served. First people to reply to the FB thread, PM us via FB or email us will be alloted one of the items.

On the 12th Day, January 5th, everyone who grabbed one will be sent an invoice (just in case you grabbed more than one item). You can get your invoice earlier if you know it's all you want.
Yes it's a little clunky, but unless I decided not to bother cooking Christmas Dinner the more 'complicated for us but easy for you' version wasn't happening :D

So that's it, 7pm GMT tonight the first item will be available.
They'll stay available until claimed and anything left unclaimed will go back wherever they came from on January 5th.

(I know that we have a lot of international fans, and I'm sorry this may be an awkward time for you, just sneakily check on your phone while nobody is looking or something ;) )
If this doesn't work at all, then I'd like to pretend I'm sorry, but we're closed and I shall be drunk so I can't even manage that :D
And Finally...
Uhm... nothing! Absolutely Nothing. We're closed!
I am off to go stuff myself stupid with the ridiculous amount of Christmas Food that is currently orbiting my growing belly.
'til next time,

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