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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some new releases from the guys and gals at Hasslefree Miniatures...

Normal Service Resumes!
Happy Holidays everyone! We have another newsletter due before Christmas so I'll save 'Merry Christmas' for then, just in case anyone throws shade at me and lumps us in with the imaginary War on Christmas ;)

I mentioned last newsletter that Jenn always mocks me for whinging in this first bit. Well, I have nothing to whinge about right now, it's kind of odd.
Once the mail is at the PO tomorrow we are back to normal service, we've come out the other end of the 'tired and overworked' tunnel that started at the end of October, following you guys going nuts in our big yearly sale, then me making it worse by deciding Black Friday weekend was a good idea and you guys going nuts again!

But, apart from this newsletter, the night's emails, and tomorrows mailbag, we're out the other end of the tunnel and can look forward again! :)  There'll be a bunch on that in the 'And Finally' section at the bottom, but first, there's shiny things!
Resin Masters - Penn State Five Elite
These are the core members of a small group of hardened Zombocalypse survivors whose base of operations is in the Quaker state. This is their 'Elite' version, upgraded with far more firepower and accessories than their regular variants.
Also available separately this coming week, this group consists of Taylor, Levon, Vince, Earl and Jim. The group pack includes a healthy discount on the invdividual purchases.
Resin Master - Foster
Foster is the stereotypical 'trucker with a heart of gold' (What? That's a real stereotype!). A tough guy on the outside and marshmallow on the inside, seen here with his trademarked snarl, a Tec 9  and the most feared weapon in the truckers arsenal, the mullet.
He'll probably go through a change before metal, we're thinking about giving him a mutliple choice for his left hand, which means this'll be the only way to get him in single piece and that it'll be a while before he makes metal, more than our usual while.
Resin Master - 'Bomb'
Tina "Bomb" Bomassini, likes include strawberry flavored bubblegum, Def Leppard and live fire exercises. Seen here about to change mag's and with the modern trooper 'Engineer' backpack.
This was sculpted by Patrick Keith, who many of you will already know from Bombshell Miniatures. It was part of a sculpt swap arranged with Kev (Who made a Sorceress for Patrick's last Kickstarter).

She, like Foster above, will also be going through some changes before metal. She may get an integral backpack or an extra gun choice or something.
Resin Master - Carol
Carol is ... well, she's Carol. The Zombocalypse didn't really change her much. She sees no need for any of those dirty, smelly, military clothes when a nice wool cardigan is good for most weather. She needs nothing she can't fit in her handbag and there's nothing about Apocalypse hair that a good set of curlers can't fix. In fact the only real change to Carol's life is she now has a little more space in her purse as she tends to keep her gun in her hand these days when doing her chores.
Metal Releases
Ok, maybe there was a small thing to whinge about up there. We worked so hard to clear the backlogs and catch back up that we didn't get a chance to do the metal images for our metal releases, so you'll have to keep an eye on our FB page through the week and we'll probably drop them in our Merry Christmas newsletter next week.

In the meantime we're releasing them using the resin images. Rest assured, they are in metal and they are very nice :) So, let's get on with them...
Azura Halfblood, Half-Elven Sorceress
Azura , the Halfblood Sorceress. As a girl she hid the only visible signs of her mixed heritage with her long hair but now she flaunts them, amongst other things. Few know the story of what happened to the shy girl from a small town outside of the Violet Wood but as an adult she is known as being completely unpredictable. A wielder of magicks old and new, light and dark, even her sorcery is of a dual nature.
If you're wondering why she's a human code and not an elf, it's because she's meant to look more human than elf. Easily useable as both, a swift file gets rid of the points on her ears if you prefer her without the halfblood parts :)
Grimnor, Dark Barbarian
Grimnor originally hailed from Bolverk, a warrior who's family was killed in an Orcan raid. After the rites, he set out on his own into the Knife Ridge mountains and never returned, at least not to Bolverk. Never seen without his helmet, his skin dark and scarred and his sword notched and bloodied, Grimnor's path is a mystery but there are no doubts that it did not fare him well.
Another salvaged sculpt from the great Tre Manor, sculptor of the Red Box line of miniatures.
Borax, The Lost Dwarf
Borax is a dwarf without a home. Having arrived through a tear in the Veil near the Riftlands he wanders the Northern lands looking for a way home.  Seen here in his travelling gear with runeaxe covered safely, and with his entire life on his back.
In case you are wondering where his plate armour is, see that small pouch on his belt, it's all in there. Seriously, if you've played D&D at all that's not even close to unrealistic :)
His life before the accident is unknown to most, you can find more information here though ;)
Dynamic Borax
Borax is a dwarf without a home. Having arrived through a tear in the Veil near the Riftlands he wanders the Northern lands looking for a way home.  Seen here in full magical plate armour and with his trusty runeaxe.
He comes with a choice both heads seen, armoured and unarmoured.
Adalheid, Dwarven Shieldmaiden
Adalheid is a Dwarven Shieldmaiden. No, she doesn't have a beard and yes, she will put a giant spear through some part of your anatomy should you suggest it.
Share the Love - Shortwars
With the metal release of some dwarves of our own we thought we'd take the opportunity to 'Share the Love' once more. This is our intermittent section where we help to shed the light on either a newer company you may not have been exposed to or to something that Kev has done for someone else. This time it's a bit of both!

Shortwars is an upcoming new game (currently accepting playtesters) from Macrocosm and not only does it have a great new range of Halflings and Goblins by the Goblinmaster himself Kev Adams* but they are also the new home for our Dark Dwarf range, for those of you who asked where they went. Some bits and bobs in the range will be from our Kev's hands and they are already hard at work expanding the range, which we simply never had time to do.

Go take a look! :)

*Please don't get him confused with our Kev again, it's perfectly possible for 2 sculptors to be called Kev. You know who you are!
And Finally
Ok, as we reach the end of the year and are able to look forward gain for the first time in a couple of months I thought it'd be a nice time to give a quick round up of what that might entail.

First up is that we have a pencilled in small Kickstarter around February/March. When I say small, I mean small, 10 minis or less. There'll be more details on that in theNew Year once details are ironed out and contracts signed etc. Fantasy players will be the ones happy about this one.

Because of the overwhelming busy period we haven't been able to catch up to Kev's hands with our metal releases, but we are back to making a bigger effort with that. We have our next set of releases (after the above) in hand already and the set after that are off to the mouldmakers! We also have an eye towards Salute now as once the New Year starts the big Salute countdown clock goes up and we need to plan releases accordingly (We normally have pre-releases of 2 months worth of minis with us at the show!).

The New Year will see us resurrecting a few lost codes, old or problem moulds being redone so that some, much asked for, minis can come back into stock. As part of that well be looking to make February the month of Modern Troopers and will be moulding all the new heads, releasing the last 3 US-based minis, Bomb and her partner and all of the 'Bitz'. We figured as the Kickstarter is for fantasy then the regular releases will be for you Modern lovers :)

I've missed a group there haven't I? :) Never fear Sci-Fi fans, we have a big re-jig planned for our Sci-Fi ranges, including 40+ new figures sitting in the wings waiting to be released that we acquired from another company and have squirreled away for a big Sci-Fi push, look to late February/ Early March for that little lot. We also have a sculptor working on expanding the One-oh-Nine and Kev has been working on expanding the Five Eight, all hoping to be released in the same big re-jig.

As you can see, just because we've caught up doesn't mean we're having a rest! :)  We want 2016 to herald big things for us, and we're not afraid to put the work in to make it happen. We may put out a New Year newsletter with these ideas fleshed out and even more added in so you guys can give us some proper feedback. Keep an eye out for that near the 31st.

And that's it! 'Til next time,

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