Thursday, 3 December 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares Newsletter

Some upcoming model previews for Beyond the Gates of Antares...

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With each week, we see more forces amassing within the Antarean universe - incase you missed them, we recently showed-off just a handful of the Boromite,Concord and Ghar forces of the community - and today we have a little preview for all of you C3 Commanders out there... enjoy!


"Drop Leader Lu Raul’s eyes fixed upon the glittering array of his suit’s interface as external temperature and pressure rapidly soared. He scanned the drop envelope. The squad was keeping formation in his wake as they were programmed to do. The shard would hold them steadily through the first phase of the drop. After that they were on their own."
Concord Drop Troops are equipped with Grav chutes - also known as anti-gravity or AG chutes, which enable them to drop more accurately onto a target.

Whereas Strike Troops rely entirely upon transmat beams and suspensor capsules to deliver them to their destination - Drop Troops can use their anti-gravity chutes to control their descent, manoeuvring as they fall, and even changing their drop trajectory if necessary.

Once landed grav-chutes give troopers supreme mobility, enabling Drop Troops to undertake forward operations such as securing landing zones and undertaking scouting missions - however they also work alongside Strike Squads in combined operations in order to wrest control of areas from their enemies. 
The C3 Drop Command Squad is coming soon!

Please note that the images shown are digital renders, and the finalised models may see further alteration before release.
The Concord Combined Command Starter Army provides you with all you need to take a Combat Force into combat and contains:
  • Metal C3 Strike command team (3) - (110 points)
  • 3x plastic C3 strike squad (inc 3 support drones) - (513 points)
  • Metal C3 Drop Squad (5) - (176 points)
  • Metal C3 X-launcher team (2) Strike Trooper crew, Spotter - (50 points)
  • Metal targeter probe shard (4) - (20 points)
This army can comfortably be built into a 1000 point Combat Force by adding in Army Options (page 159 Beyond the Gates Of Antares) and upgrading with squad options from the Concord Army List (Pages 160-167).
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