Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Black Library Newsletter

There's apparently been a hell of a lot of releases since I last read a Horus Heresy book...

Listen to a new audiobook every day
It's a very special week... yes, it's Christmas, but more importantly, it's a week of Horus Heresy, with a new audiobook released every day until Friday. These stories are audio versions of the tales from Blades of the Traitor, and each picks up a dangling plot thread from the Horus Heresy novels and moves it onwards – with a healthy dose of action and intrigue.
Day One
Today's title is 'Daemonology' by Chris Wraight, which follows Mortarion after his defeat by the Khan in 'Scars' as he turns to the Dark Gods for power.
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There are four more titles coming in Audio Week: Blades of the Traitor. If you want them all (and you know you do), the best way is to subscribe: you'll get all five audiobooks and save some money into the bargain.

Five audiobooks for the price of four
...a silent night falls across the Imperium

There's even more Horus Heresy in store this week. Christmas Day will see a special surprise for all fans of the series in the form of a brand new eBook novel. Sign up for a reminder and we'll drop you a line on the day so you don't forget (easy to do, what with presents, food, family and all that).

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