Thursday, 6 October 2016

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Some new weapon teams and Anvil blog news from Anvil Industry...

Custom Heavy Weapon Squad

To make the most of our recent heavy weapon releases we have created a crew to man them!

The Kit contains everything needed to build up three teams, either as a dedicated squad or to attach to infantry units, and of course you can choose from the full regiments parts line up to have your heavy weapons match the infantry squads. 
Our Heavy Weapon Teams are supplied with a 50mm base for the weapon and gunner, and a 25mm slotta base for the loader/spotter. This means if you were using the game rules for an Imperial Guard heavy weapon team (which counts as a single model with two wounds), the separate figure can be placed in base to base contact and removed when the team suffers one wound.
You can also purchase the heavy weapon arm Sprue and kneeling/sitting legs sprue separately for use in conversions, or for adding variety to regular Regiments infantry squads.
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Anvil Blog

The latest blog post (yes we have a blog now!) sees Joel, creator of all things Anvil, take us through the design process of our upcoming Halloween special edition.
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