Saturday, 15 October 2016

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Only a week left to pledge to Mantic Games latest Kickstarter...

Star Saga: one week to go!
It's been a busy week on the Star Saga Kickstarter and we've added a great selection of exclusive miniatures, extra minions and more! As we type there are now almost 80 miniatures included in the core pledge, excluding the fantastic 3D scenery... not bad for $100, eh?

So, what FREE items have we added to the core pledge during the past week:
  • Kizai Uru, the Tsdudo Chan monk mercenary
  • 17 FREE Deadzone/Warpath minis (including Zombies, 3rd Gen Plague Victims and Pathfinders) to use as minions in the mission creator
  • 3D sentry guns and force field generators
  • Digital copy of the updated Project Pandora: Grim Cargo rules
  • Kickstarter exclusive Hacker Halftail mercenary
  • Two bonus Plague Victims
  • ... and we're closing in on three extra Corporation Marines
However, with a week to go, there's still plenty of time to add even more and we've got some exciting stretch goals planned as we head to the finish line, including more mercenaries, extra minions, double-sided tiles and more!

As a treat, here's a look at an upcoming merc...
Retake the Blackstar Station Expansion
We have also recently unveiled the 'Retake the Blackstar Station' Expansion, which can be added to pledges for $35. Here are some details:

The space station orbiting Spurling III has been seized by a nest of Veer-myn. Its owners, Blackstar Corp, want it back. All efforts thus far to achieve this have been expensive failures. The station was originally built as a defensive platform owing to its proximity to Asterian space and, though its weapons were largely thought to have been decommissioned, the Veer-myn have been able to reactivate them.

Blaine’s team have been called in as something of a last resort, a final chance to take the station intact before its owners are forced to cut their losses and abandon the technology hidden aboard the Blackstar station.

Currently included in the expansion are 16 pre-assembled plastic Veer-myn, including three large enemies, 12 smaller minions and a menacing Brood Motherthat you can see below, plus themed tiles, cards and a rulebook. The miniatures are a mixture of new sculpts and we're hoping to add to the expansion as we smash through more stretch goals.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Star Saga Kickstarter now!

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