Saturday, 1 October 2016

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Some more news on the 'Star Saga' Kickstarter from Mantic Games...

Read the gripping story behind Star Saga...
We've had a fantastic first few days for the Star Saga Kickstarter, unlocking a bunch of stretch goals and adding highly detailed 3D sci-fi scenery, more minions and an extra mercenary to your pledge... and the first week isn't even over yet.

So on this newsletter we wanted to tease more about Blaine's dark dealings and the story behind Star Saga... what are you and the mercs hunting for in the mysterious Corporation facility deep underneath the planet Eiras? Who is the murky benefactor behind your mission? Has Blaine left you for dead after your shuttle is disabled? The only way to find out the answers to these questions is by playing through the thrilling Star Saga campaign.

If that's whetted your appetite, you can read a more detailed extract from the Star Saga background on the Mantic Blog, although we're not revealing everything just yet...
Who can you trust? Who is on your side?
Future expansions...
As the Kickstarter campaign grows over the following days and weeks, we've already planned a selection of great expansions that continue the adventures of Captain Dulinsky and her fellow mercs, along with adding new villains and anti-heroes.
Face off against the Veer-myn inside an abandoned space station.
Retake the Blackstar Station  
The space station orbiting Spurling III has been seized by a nest of Veer-myn. Its owners, Blackstar Corp, want it back. All efforts thus far to achieve this have been expensive failures. Blaine’s team have been called in as something of a last resort, a final chance to take the station intact before its owners are forced to cut their losses and abandon the technology hidden aboard the Blackstar station.

The Graviton Directive  
Convinced that the Tesseract’s policies towards the GCPS are misguided, Tui Hu Shu’u’lak, leader of the Clade of White Blades, has taken matters into his own hands. With the aid of the Graviton Cascade, a device capable of collapsing the fields used by McKinley drives, the White Blades mean to claim vast swathes of territory for themselves and a resurgent Asterian Empire. Blaine’s team must stop him, take the Cascade’s noh core, and eliminate Tui Hu himself before he can drag the GCPS and the Asterians into all-out war.
Create heroes from across the Warpath universe and make your own epic Star Saga adventures
One of the great things about Star Saga is that you can create your own mercenariesusing our fantastic range of Deadzone miniatures and the Star Saga Character Creation expansion, which is included in your pledge. Then write your own missions based on your favourite locations from the Warpath universe.
The core Star Saga pledge is just the beginning, as you create your own adventures set in the action-packed Warpath universe.
Fancy taking the Rebs Commander Adrienee Nikolovski on a daring raid inside a Forge Father mining operation to retrieve precious bounty? Go ahead! What about Sergeant Howlett leading his Enforcers deep into a Plague-ridden lab? There are so many great scenarios for you to explore and the only limit is your imagination...
NEXT WEEK! An ancient race is stirring...
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