Saturday, 29 October 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

Some Mantic Games news on their recent Kickstarter and other current projects...

All Hands on Deck!
It’s been a busy week here at Mantic—mostly because our trusted marketing manager Rob took a vacation, and we’ve been scrambling like mad trying to cover for him!
Now that the dust is settling, let’s talk about the goings on around the House of Mantic this week...
First and foremost, Star Saga concluded its 25-day Kickstarter campaign last Friday night, and raised more than $410,000!  The campaign smashed 30 stretch goals and added TONS of amazing content, new figures, characters, expansions and bonus features.   The final total for the core pledge stands now at a whopping 93 miniatures PLUS 42 pieces of 3D scenery!
If you missed out, stayed tuned for how you can get in a late pledge, and for existing backers, we’ll have the pledge manager up hopefully before the holidays.  We’ll keep it open after the new year, so you’ll still have a chance to add to your pledge, help get us to another BIG stretch goal!
Next, we announced our BRUSH WITH DEATH painting contest, where fans can showcase their talents in a global competition of their painting prowess.  Winners will be the talk of their town (well, among the gamers anyway) and receive a coveted solid gold (er, resin sprayed gold) statuette!

You can find the full rules and how to enter here.
In Kings of War news, we’re shipping out new releases including Earth ElementalsStone PriestHellhoundsTortured SoulsNaiad WyrmridersSlave Gore Riders, and the mother of all elves (well not literally)—the Elf War Chariots!
The new Expansion for DeadzoneNexus Psi, is also shipping. This includes two brand new Deadzone Campaigns. Warpath's worst nightmare are back too, with brand new Plagueavailable, too!
And be on the lookout, walkers are storming your front door!  Well, only if you were a Walking Dead backer, that is.
That’s right, we’ve finally gotten in the Kickstarter Exclusive Edition, and nearly two thirds of all shipments have departed Mantic HQ, destined for pledgers mailboxes! If you want to pick up a copy of the retail box - you can pre-order one from our website now!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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