Saturday, 8 October 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

Some news on the upcoming Mantic Games Open Day as well as their current 'Star Saga' Kickstarter progress...
Come to the Mantic Open Day!
The Mantic Open Day is fast approaching and it's always a fantastic event for any Mantic fan. So we thought we would give you a run down about the great activities you can participate in during the day:
  • Brush with Death – we’re launching our brand new painting competition, make sure you check the Mantic Blog for more details
  • The Walking Dead – play the game, meet Mark Latham the designer… dress as a Walker (seriously there will be prizes for the best costume)
  • Kings of War Army Service – bring your army list of Mantic models to the Open Day and we’ll give you a great price and pack it so you can take it home on the day
  • Exclusive scenarios – play new scenarios for Dungeon Saga and Deadzone
  • Deals in the Shop - including a special Open Day Crazy Box
Tickets for the Open Day are available NOW! You can buy a single ticket or group tickets for four people and children under 12 are FREE. For more details about the Open Day, check the Mantic Blog and we’ll see you there!
The Plague strikes back! Plague Aberration added to Star Saga pledges for FREE!
It’s been a great week over on the Star Saga Kickstarter and we’ve smashed through a bunch of stretch goals and even added a Kickstarter exclusive campaign starring the horrific Nameless to pledges at no extra cost.

However, we wanted to add a bit more of that famous Mantic Value™ to the core pledge and earlier we announced that all Kickstarter backers will receive a FREE Plague Aberration, worth $19.99.
The Aberration will be the centrepiece of an optional mission (available as a digital download) that forces the mercenaries to work together to overcome this terrifying monster.

Next week promises to be full of surprises too, as we add more content to the core pledge that will significantly increase the minion choices for the Nexus Player. Stay tuned for more details…
NEXT WEEK ON STAR SAGA: We're getting a little bit ratty...
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