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River Horse Games are launching their new The Hunt for Red October Board Game via Indiegogo...

Tuesday 04/10/16

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The Hunt for Red October, one of the best submarine movies ever made is being re-imagined as a board game and it needs your support: Go here to check it out!

Based on rules by Origins award winning designer Alessio Cavatore (Kings of War, Bolt Action, Jim Henson's Labyrinth: the Board Game, Waterloo - Quelle affaire!) The Hunt for Red October is a two player game that focuses on strategy, bluffing and timing so that you can defeat your opponent whilst avoiding nuclear war!


The Hunt

The hunt scenario lets players play through the 1990 masterpiece, one side as Marko Ramius and the other as the entirety of the soviet Navy. Is the Red Fleet enough to stop one silent submarine? Each turn the Red October will travel secretly across the board trying to reach either the American coast or a NATO ship if they can can convince them that they are trying to defect. Both sides are racing against the clock to achieve victory before the DEFCON counter reaches 1 and both players lose the biggest game of chicken in history.

Each game relies on timing, tactical positioning and excellent bluffing skills with Marko Ramius having the tactical edge with his many abilities and cards, use them all too early however and the Red Fleet will have no trouble finding your beleaguered sub, too late and... well, it will be too late.

The War

In the war game scenario, each player plays as either the Red Fleet or combined NATO forces trying to win by scoring 40 points that represent their superpower's strategic advantage over the other side. Points are scored in two ways, either by destroying enemy units or by moving your SSBNs (Ballistic missile submarines) into first strike positions. The position of both SSBNs and attack subs is a valuable resource that is kept secret through the use of POSSUB tokens, when moving your subs you can place these tokens down to mask your movements and your intentions. When you have moved your navy into the perfect strike position you can flip the scan and fire token to blast your opponent to the bottom of the sea, be warned however that your opponent will be looking to do the same and he who fires first can be at a huge advantage.
The War scenario lets players recreate that 'what if', throwing NATO against the Soviet Navy and seeing whether one side can secure victory before nuclear war is declared and the whole world loses.

What are you still doing here! Get out there and save the world!
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