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The latest news from Hasslefree Miniatures...

No Mail Until Nov 8th!
(This is a reminder newsletter 'but' it does have a number of new sections after the repeated sale one. It also has an update on the end date of the sale due to us attending a trade show in Belgium over Bonfire Night weekend)

Right, after a month of ups and downs that all led to minor delays/issues we 'really' need a break to catch everything up.

(The flu, a Kickstarter, my bathroom needed entirely replacing banishing me to a hotel and Jenn attending a family reunion in the States, all in one month!)

Our 'aaaaaargh, I just need a minute!' period is your gain! :D

So, may I present, your gain...
The Big 2017 Halloween Sale!
Our biggest sale of the year!

Use the code 'HALLOWEEN2016' to get a whopping 20% discount of most things* and a discount of everything else.

Input the code on the final 'confirmation' page, at the top. If you hit the payment page you went too far.
(Don't write it in the comments box, it just makes me smile but does nothing ese ;) ).

*New releases, some red box, some other stuff, are all just reduced rather than the full 20% off)

The sale runs until the Tuesday after Bonfire Night, that'sNov 8th* for non UK people who have no idea what I just said :)

Please remember, no mail will be posted until the sale is over, the discount is in return for the slight wait :)

Oh, and for the big spenders, as always during promotions we have...
*extended a few days to allow us to attend Crisis, see below
Oh, and for the big spenders, as always during promotions we have...
Halloween Goody Bags
Anyone spending £70 or more* will qualify for a Halloween Goody Bag. Goody bags will contain a variety of 'things', a free mini or 2 (themed appropriately), some 'bitz' such as sand or cogs and, of course, extra Halloween candy (i.e. it's sour!).
*Actual total paid, including discount, postage, VAT etc.

Larger spends qualify for larger goody bags, no limit on goody bag size :D We will also theme the goody bag to the order, so if you ordered Fantasy the free mini/s wil be Fantasy and so on.

Right, yet another Brexit intermission coming up...
"Hey look, a cliff!" - My impression of the Pound.
Hey pretty much everyone who isn't British! Guess What? The pound 'sucks'. It currently thinks it's allergic to other currencies and  is trying to hide from them in a very deep hole.

Just as an example to our American friends, our current standard price point for single minis translated to US dollars is $5.10!
Even with the slightly worse exchange rates of credit cards or Paypal it's still less than $5.30. That means with the current sale then our standard single minis are less than $4.30! That's insane, I genuinely dont think our miniatures have ever been that cheap, even over a decade ago when HF started.

For the Mainland Euros out there, our standard pricepoint, with the sale is less than 4.5 Euro!

For the Aussies less than $5.50 and for the Japanese, less than 450 yen! Madness!

I suspect we will run out of airmail stickers throughout this promotion! :D
New Resin Master - Archbaron von Drumpf Spaceclad
Archbaron Gloosus von Drumpf is an overlord of the Akulian Empire.  While he rules with a tiny iron fist he is not well-liked by the people and keeps his power by sheer ruthlessness. His corpulent form is prime breeding ground for the many disease on his desert planet and he is forced to spend daily treatments floating in his healing tank to try to keep ahead of them. Due to this practise, and the many workers, nurses and slaves that have seen it, the most popular insult whispered around the slums of the city roughly translates to "As smart as his penis is large".
Seen here naked and floating.
We're Attending Crisis in Antwerp!
No, before you get too excited, not as trade. We're attending Crisis 2016 as regular punters this year to have a look around and then 'hopefully', if they can fit us in, we'll be attending next year.

So, if you're attending Crisis and would like to place an order to be collected at the show then this is the procedure...
1. Email me your order/questions at
1b. Include in your email whether you would like to pay in advance by Paypal or in cash (Euros are fine) on the day.
2. Wait for a reply/invoice. Yes, we will invoice you including the Halloween Discount!
3. Pay.
4. Collect your order from the Macrocosm Miniatures stand at Crisis (We may also be loitering around there).
5. Rejoice in your ownership of our awesome stuff!

We'll (Jenn and I) be wandering around for the day too, if you happen to recognise us feel free to say allo. Chris at Macrocosm has offered to do us the favour of being a collection point as mentioned in point 4.
Talking of Macrocosm...
Share the Love - Dwarves at Arms
Macrocosm Chris is running a new Kickstarter that can basically be described as 'All Things Dwarven' :)

It's into it's final 24hr push so don't delay having a nose!

There are just 'so' many Dwarves! They have Crusader Dwarves, Norman Dwarves (Similar to our own), Viking Dwarves, ECL Dwarves, Late Roman Dwarves, Samurai Dwarves and....
World War I Dwarves! Yup, for those of you who have been asking where our Fantasy World War I lines went, this is it :)
(The Halflings are available as add-ons too)

Not only have Macrocosm relaunched the line, but they've lowered the prices and already introduced a new resin tank! They also have plans to expand the line so if you're interested in getting them then this Kickstarter should be your first port of call.

All of the other Dwarves are good too and they are very close to unlocking Dwarves from .. SPAAAAARTTTTTAAAAAA!!!!
Kickstarter News
The payment period of our Kickstarter is now over, funds have been transferred and work is underway on the first post-KS sculpts. For those of you who were already in then we will continue weekly updates (or more) this weekend.

For those of you who have since seen Kev's WIPs on his page and are wondering where to get them then we are working on a way to allow late pledging. Keep your eyes peeled on future newsletters.

The survey is being worked on to go out this week.
... And Finally
It's been quite the trying month, 'if' you have a problem order or are missing an answer to an email the fastest way to address it is to email us on our less used bwartemis at gmail dot com address. I will be working the entire promotion to fix any and all outstanding issues and problems and get us all spick and span for November.
If something is out of stock then it is almost certainly one of the oustanding issues I need this time to resolve, so I'm afraid they're not going to be in before the end of the sale. Do check back though in case we have managed to fix the issue!
Keep an eye on our FB page for any important news or updates as usual, and we will be expanding our social media presence to other platforms in November too!
Right, these outstanding issues won't solve themselves!
'til next time,

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