Tuesday, 11 October 2016

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Some more information on River Horse Games's upcoming 'The Hunt for Red October' board game...

Tuesday 11/10/16


I would like to personally thank all our supporters for backing us and sharing the Red October on facebook! If you haven't shared us, what are you waiting for, click that link!
As a bit of thanks we thought we would have a sneaky look at the rule book, where did I put it?
Ah, there it is. Hmm, judging by the cover I probably shouldn't be sharing these details on the internet but I'm going to go ahead and assume that none of you are a part of the KGB.
The book opens with the letter that Marko Ramius sent to Admiral Yuri Padorin, stating his intention to defect from the Soviets with the most advanced submarine on the planet.
Throughout the rule book you will find both red and blue writing. When playing the Hunt you will read red text and ignore blue, in the war it is the opposite. This allows the book to essentially function as two rule books, one for each scenario. 
Spotted throughout the book you will find technical facts and numbers of some of the ships that you control throughout the game, giving an interesting weight to the game and giving a sense of scale to the proceedings.
I hope that you've enjoyed our little sneaky preview, and next week we will be looking a little deeper into some of the components that are used in the game!
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