Monday, 19 May 2014

Crew a Week Project - Hamelin's 'The Plagued' - Completed

Sometimes we have ideas that while brilliant in our heads fail for a number of reasons when we attempt to implement them. In the case of painting projects these failures are usually due to a lack of time, ability or sometimes because the idea was shit to start off with but we do it anyway...In this case I'll leave the opinion about whether I succeeded or failed to you but I'll explain my reasoning first on the off chance that this edges your opinion one way or the other...

My initial idea was to represent the 'Blight' spread by Hamelin and his crew by using a very narrow range of colours (Greens and Browns for the most part) and rather than concentrating on specific details to add depth I instead intended to achieve this with layers of similar colours in the form of a couple of base colours then washes and highlights (using the original colour). This would hopefully show the complete corruption that follows in the wake of the Plagued while giving the crew a unique and stylised look. I fear I may have been a little ambitious...

For those of you interested in those bases (and the start of the project) part one can be found here.

Hamelin, the Plagued.

Obedient Wretch.

Nix, the Bull Terrier.

The Stolen.


Malifaux Rats.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. A bit late to come along with a comment, but, I just wanted to say how impressive I found these guys. The limited palette and grungy texture really give the crew a mysterious and unhealthy look.

    1. Thank-you. It was an interesting experiment that I was surprised actually worked, lol.


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