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Mantic Games Newsletter - Hobby-Tastic

Some excellent use of the Deadzone terrain...

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The office move is going well and as of Monday the warehouse reopens - until then, there is plenty of hobby to sink your teeth into...

A True Day of Gaming with the Mantic Team!

The Mantic Open Day is just over one week away(!) and there’s still time to get your ticket!
You too can be as happy as a Curis
at the Mantic Open Day.

Whether you fancy commanding the Rebs to victory in our Deadzone Campaign Day or want to see all of the new upcoming new models before they’re released,make sure you grab a ticket, and get yourself over to Nottingham on Saturday 17th May!

Conquer the Battlefields of the Far Future

Battlezones are springing up on tabletops around the world already, with these superb sets featuring on the blog yesterday – check them out!

by Matt Gilbert
Bar by Deathwatch Studios

Click on the pictures for a closer look and, if you fancy building your own sci-fi city or are looking at fortifying your gaming table for upcoming battles, then you can check out the range of Battlezones Scenery Sets here - and don't forget our awesome Urban Quadrant is now shipping too!

Join the Civil War

If the idea of fighting alongside William T. Sherman or Major General Thomas takes your fancy, then you're in for a treat with Ghost Train Games' Alternate Civil War game, which mixes fantastical elements with the American Civil War.

Our friends over at Ghost Train Games have pumped their pledge levels full of FREE new miniatures to make their starter sets even better value, so we recommend popping on over and taking a look at the Sergeant level, perfect if you and a mate are looking to jump into together as you’ll get everything you need to start gaming!
You've got some Brass!
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Our friends at Etch Master are running a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo for Sci-fi, Fantasy and Steampunk brass etching kits, which you can use to add some ultra-fine details to your miniatures - they’ve even gone ahead and created a buildings kit that can be combined with Battlezones!

The project is live now – we recommend popping on over and getting your Brass Etching!

The Denizens of the Abyss March Forth
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New Abyssal Dwarf units have joined the struggle for the Quartz Sceptre, and are ready to be added to your army.

Check out the new additions to the range here, and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Hellfire and Stone, now available in all good hobby retailers and the Mantic Webstore.

Bring the Futuristic Sports Game to life
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During the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter we funded a short story compilation set in the world of DreadBall. We’ve been itching to get started, so our editor is all lined up and we’ve already got some big-name support from Guy Haley and David Guymer! However, this is just the beginning.

This is your chance to join the ranks of our professional writers and get your name in lights – that’s right,we’re looking for submissions.If you’re a budding author then you’re in with a chance to win $250!

Find out how you can take part.

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Want to come and meet the Mantic guys and learn how to play our games?

Well, new events have been added to the Events List, including fun, competitive tournaments such as a new DreadBall Regional at Firestorm Game in Cardiff, and a DreadBall Regional event in Nottingham on the 18th May:

10th May - Carronade, Scotland
17th May - Mantic Open Day
18th May - DreadBall Regional Tournament: Midlands
24th May - DreadBall Regional Tournament: Cardiff
30th May - UK Games Expo
1st June - Partisan, Newark
14th June - Clash of Kings: Nottingham
21st June - DreadBall Regional Tournament: East Anglia
28th June - Wartorn, Scarborough
28th June - Conclave, Limerick

Check out the Events List for all of the details.
Ironwatch Issue 21 Now Available!
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Download it here!
Our mailing address is:
Mantic Games, Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG England.
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