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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter - Limited Edition Stuff

Some nice stuff in there...

Limited Edition Stuff
A short newsletter this week completely filled with Limited Edition thingamabobs. We don't do that many here at HF so it's worth rounding up the ones we have left along with the ability for you to grab an existing mini with an extra bonus.
So, let's have a nose!...
Boudi Resin Master w Signed Matt Dixon Card
In a recent chat with Lee, the organiser of Diceni, we realised that we really didn't make enough of a 'thing' about Boudi being a licensed Matt Dixon property (by way of  Diceni commissioning the art directly from Matt). I mean it's a pretty big deal and we only sorta mentioned it in passing :)
Now as she's already been out a year it's kinda tough to be all 'Hey, did we mention she's a licensed property of an awesome artist? So, we had a think and came up with this...
We have a number of signed Matt Dixon art cards, properly signed not a print or anything. We have matched them to a Limited number (25)  of Boudi resin masters. Once they're gone, they're gone.
So, for a very short time period (i.e. until we sell 25), we present theBoudi master w Autographed Art Print!
(We already sell a resin Boudi in green resin, these however will be masters straight from the master mould in grey resin like our other resin masters)
6th Birthday Axenarf
6th Birthday Axenarf, Limited to 150 in total (125 for general sale)
We sold out of all the ones we took with us to Salute so we are now down to very low numbers. Once he's gone there's just the few spares tucked away in Sal's retirement box (for future few and far between Ebay auctions more than likely).
He'd need a lot of changes to even be castable in metal and on top of that he's huge so it's possible we may never get around to it as his price would be fairly high.
Painted version by Tim 'Tidoco' Cook
Wolf In Cloak
Wolf in Cloak, Limited to 100 general release castings.
Again, we sold out of the stock we took to Salute so Wolf In Cloak is now down to even lower numbers than Axenarf!
In fact he's down to single figures and then like Axenarf he'll only be available when we crack open Sal's retirement box of goodies for the odd special occasion or ebay auction. The green was even recently taken apart to remake the Wolf resin master we now offer (needed for a new Wolf mould).
Painted version by Matt 'Gi6ers' Lucas
'Victoria & David' & White Resin 'Libby & Tigress'
Striking up some Ebay auctions again as it's been a good long while. Just 3 auctions this time around and to start us off we have 2 of the rarest offerings from Hasslefree over the years...
First up we have 'Victoria & David'. This was created around 2005ish and a limited run of 200 castings plus ~16 master castings were produced before the mould went bye-bye. Over the following years most of these have gone and all that remains is a small handful in Sal's 'retirement box'. I have braved the giant moths and rusty mousetraps and grabbed a couple of items from there, including this. While I've censored the above image, you can see the uncensored one on the auction itself ;)
Next up is a beautiful white creamy resin version of Libby & Tigress. Firstly, Libby herself isn't available in resin anywhere else or available with her full length cloak, and even though the Tigress is available in HF blue resin it's been cut up for a production mould to help with mould longevity. This version has far less parts and the bulk of the figure has been cast in one glorious piece. Each Libby & Tigress comes in its own special metal box and is marked with a unique number, the one up for sale right now is #5.
(The one in the photogaph has been inked with brown ink btw.)
5 day only auctions as all 3 end this Sunday 13th!
The Womble Kindred
Last up is an odd little mini. Ostensibly a Kindred Sniper in a Ghillie suit and Gasmask it started as a joke that even Kev has totally forgotten now. Not planned for production, a small number of masters were made and offered up, and there's a handful left. In case you're wondering about the name (especially those of you not in the UK), it's because he turned out to bear a striking resemblance to a resident of Wimbledon Common :)
And Finally
For those of you following the May Challenge Thread from the last newsletter then the results are in and the winner is....
6. Modern Zombocalypse young female survivor with compound bow and survival clothing. No cheesecake here.
So Kev has added that to his Challenge List. 'However', there was also a further wrinkle. As we couldn't finalise art for one of the minis on his regular list we've replaced it with the second place winner from the poll, so replacing the sci-fi elf (Who will be back as soon as we finalise the art) will be....
1. Tough as nails sci-fi female, pistol and cigar (Think human version of Hayden c).
In fact, we may even get 2 variants!

Hope you all enjoyed some interactivity with the miniature maestro, it did seem very popular so look out for the challenge again in future months! :D
That's it for this week, so til next time,

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