Friday, 30 May 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter - It's All Ruined!

Hopefully they'll have some new of the new stuff at the UK Games Expo this weekend...

...if they do they had better keep a close eye on it, lol.

It's All Ruined!
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Battlezones – the brand new range of modular wargames scenery – is now shipping, as are all of our funky Abyssal Dwarf releases. But we're not stopping there, hot on the heels of the Urban, Fortifications and Landing Pad sets are the Ruins...
The Ruin sprues can be built completely stand alone or can be mixed together with other Battlezones sprues to create some truly unique buildings – and some utterly devastated warzones.
Thanks to Nick Williams for assembling and painting the larger terrain kit for us.

Today we’ve got the Ruined Quadrant available for pre-order - the biggest box of Ruined terrain you'll find - which will begin shipping at the end of June. As a special thank you, pre-orders for the Ruined Quadrant will also include 2 FREE Accessory sprues!

Want more? Check out the sidebar for brand new videos on Battlezones and go to the website now to see the whole range!

Whilst we’re on the subject of Battlezones, Anarchy Models have put together three great Stencil Kits for your wargames terrain, including a Chevron kit, a Landing Pad kit and a collection of Deadzone signage.

There’s even a triple pack where you can get one of each with a great 20% discount on ordering them separately - pop on over to the website now to see the whole range.

Missed the Open Day?

With so many hobbyists hungry for more Mantic, maintaining our games has become more than a one-man job. While Jake and Alessio are hard at work on our core systems to bring you more exciting new releases, we can’t let the support for our fans and their favourite games fall by the wayside - so we’re looking for help!

We want games that are simple, fun and exciting to play - and this is your change to influence that!

We’re looking to put together a crack team of dedicated volunteers to help keep our game systems alive and offer us a fresh perspective. If you’re a talented writer or designer, with a good understanding of gaming and a keen eye for detail,check out the blog here for how you can apply!
Ronnie builds Battlezones!
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Ronnie is positively excited about the Battlezones release, so much so he's got the camera out to show you just how easy it is to assemble the terrain.
Make sure you check it out!

If you'd like a more technical approach to building and painting your scenery, check out Dave's Hobby Tips.
Help for Heroes Battlezone Raffle
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Mel at TheTerrainTutor on Youtube has got his hands on a big box of Battlezones Scenery - and he's going to be raffling it off for charity once it's assembled and built.

He's going to document the whole process of building and painting it as his June project, before raffling off the finished gaming board when it's done.

We can't wait to see what he does with it, and we hope you'll subscribe and follow his progress closelyhere.
Everyone's going ga-ga for the scenery
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If you've not seen it already, Bell of Lost Souls have posted up about their first impressions on Battlezones...

Keep an eye out for future videos and articles coming soon!

We're looking for Pathfinders!
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We’re now accepting applications for Pathfinders globally!

Pathfinders are exuberant volunteers who are passionate about Mantic - if you want to know more about the benefits or if you’re interested in joining please check out this blog for all the details on how to apply!

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Want to come and meet the Mantic guys and learn how to play our games? Here's the latest list of Events for the UK:

31st May - UK Games Expo
1st June - Partisan, Newark
14th June - Clash of Kings: Nottingham
21st June - DreadBall Regional Tournament: East Anglia
28th June - Wartorn, Scarborough
28th June - Conclave, Limerick

Check out the Events List for all of the details.
Our mailing address is:
Mantic Games, Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG England.
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