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Mantic Newsletter - Mantic Madness Weekend

Open day tomorrow...

...I'll be needing all the things of course...

Mantic Madness Weekend
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On Saturday 17th May we throw open the doors for the Mantic Open Day - the event is on from 10am-5pm, with free parking and food on site, and special guests including Jake Thornton, Alessio Cavatore, Warlord Games and Purple Guerilla.

Come and learn how to play DreadBall and Deadzone and check out our exclusive upcoming previews!

To celebrate the Open Day and our arrival in the new premises, we’re going totally mad on the website for this weekend only!


The Battlezones Urban Quadrant is a massive box packed full of our modular scenery tiles, that can be built to cover a 6'x4' wargames table in all kinds of different buildings, including Landing Pads, Fortifications and Defence Lines.
For a limited time only we've been throwing in 2 free Ruin sprues as a preview and this weekend is yourLAST CHANCE them!

Get your Urban Quadrant before the FREE Ruin Sprues have gone!

The Crazy Box available this weekend only!

At £15, the Crazy Box is back and it’s cheaper than ever!

The Crazy Box is quite simply a big box of random toys where you could get anything from Ogre Warriors to Veer-myn Nightmares, clippers and paint.

Each box is worth over £30, and contains 2 larger bags of plastic miniatures, some sprues, and lots more random goodies, including clippers and paint!

Perfect if you’re looking to sample Mantic, are after more bitz for your bitz box or are just on the hunt for a killer deal! You can get your Weekend Exclusive Crazy Box here.

All or Nothing!

From deals on Kings of War units, like the awesome Ogre Mammoth Clan, to giant deals like the BlastBall XIII Ultimate Bundle that includes absolutely everything for DreadBall, these last-chance deals are back for this weekend only, and will save you a pretty penny over ordering the components separately -check out everything we have on offer here!

Grim Cargo, Great Deal!
For this weekend only you can get the entire Project Pandora sci-fi dungeon crawler, including 10 Corporation Marines, 10 Veer-myn Night-crawlers, plus the rulebook, counters and some gorgeous Starship Tiles, for just £14.99. That's over 50% off the RRP!!

Find out more about the game here – all offers ends midnight Sunday 18th May!
Learn to Play
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Deadzone’s a great game – it’s full of tense battles and action-packed, cinematic moments on the tabletop, but we appreciate it can be a little daunting to get started.
Well, if you’ve got your copy in front of you and haven’t tried it yet, or maybe you’re thinking about getting a copy (we recommend theDeadzone Mega Deal here!), then why not check out this video from Beasts of War on how to play!

Commence Training
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If that video is not enough for you, we’ve also got a free to downloadQuickstart Guide on the website, which will put you through your paces and help you learn all of the fairly simple core mechanics, ready for you to start laying the cool stuff like equipment and loot over the top.

Get your copy here!

Keeping Up Appearances
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Our community managers are very busy preparing all kinds of craziness on the blog. There’s news on our presence at this year’s Gen Con, a closer look at some of the Battlezones scenery from around the internet, and weekly community round-ups that keep you from missing anything.

Yay for Community

Pop on over to our blog to catch-up with all the latest, and whilst you’re at it, why not Like us on Facebookand Follow us on Twitter?

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Want to come and meet the Mantic guys and learn how to play our games?

Well, new events have been added to the Events List, including fun, competitive tournaments such as a new DreadBall Regional at Firestorm Game in Cardiff, and a DreadBall Regional event in Nottingham on the 18th May:

17th May - Mantic Open Day
18th May - DreadBall Regional Tournament: Midlands
24th May - DreadBall Regional Tournament: Cardiff
30th May - UK Games Expo
1st June - Partisan, Newark
14th June - Clash of Kings: Nottingham
21st June - DreadBall Regional Tournament: East Anglia
28th June - Wartorn, Scarborough
28th June - Conclave, Limerick

Check out the Events List for all of the details.
Our mailing address is:
Mantic Games, Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG England.
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