Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Forge World Newsletter #402

The one Primarch model I knew I'd end up wanting is unfortunately exactly as awesome as I thought it would be and now I must have it...

...damn you Forge World.....

The shadowed and sinister Mortarion was Primarch and Commander of the Death Guard Legion. Raised upon a nightmare world of fell secrets and necromantic horror where humans were hunted like animals, the darkness that surrounded him seeped into his soul and would never leave him. Fiercely driven and relentless, the reaper-Primarch led his Legion to become wrathful liberators, spectres of death and judgment to whom no battlefield was insurmountable and no foe too terrible to face. With lies and half-truths did Horus sway Mortarion to his cause, and the price that he and his Legion would pay for their role in the Heresy would be nightmarish beyond imagining.
Mortarion the Reaper - Primarch of the Death Guard is a complete multi-part resin kit, designed by Edgar Skomorowski, that includes a removable scenic base. This kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Friday 23rd May.
You can also see Edgar talking about making Mortarion on our visual feed.

Reservations can be placed for this event up to 5pm (UK time) Wednesday 21st May. To find out how to place a reservation click here.

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