Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hawk Wargames Newsletter/Newsflash

A Newsflash from Hawk Wargames...

Newsflash #1 - 11th February 2015
The dice are down and the results are tallied from Invasion 2015! We’re very proud that this was our largest Tournament so far, with over 40 players and many people also coming to the open weekend.

Dave was on hand to talk new commanders, army design and sneak peeks, which included up armoured UCM infantry prepping for re-conquest missions and new Scourge monsters determined to stop their advance. We also showcased some up and command units for both armies which will be hitting stores soon – keep your eyes peeled for more information and experimental rules coming soon.

The fighting was fierce over in the tournament area itself; thankfully everyone involved was a great sport and kept the bloodshed to the tabletop. The friendly, lively atmosphere continued all weekend, with every single player received a vote for most sporting opponent. Even on the top tables – where the overall winner was decided by only 2 points – the camaraderie and enjoyment of the games was palpable. Every race was represented in the top ten, and the overall results were as follows:
Tournament 1st place: Mike Burch - Shaltari
Tournament 2nd place: David Bonner - Shaltari
Tournament 3rd place: Dan Cates - Scourge
Winning team: Orbital Bombardment
Best painted: Dan Cates - Scourge
Most sporting opponent: Al Pidwell
For a more detailed breakdown of the scores, head over the Hawk forum, and take a look at our facebook page for more pictures of the event.

P.S For those who missed the early access on the day...
The first wave of special character commanders is now available for pre-order! We will also have a limited number available at the Las Vegas Open (20th – 22nd February), and Hammerhead (28th February). We hope to see you there!
Patrice working on new art at Invasion 2015 over the weekend
Fantastic Resistance diarama put together by one of the players

UCM - Lieutenant-General Luciana M. Cato

Scourge - Eden's Dinosaur

Shaltari - Warchief Isis, the Clairvoyant

PHR - Marcus Barros, Grand Vizier

Resistance - Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy

Resistance - Salakahn, Tyrant of Atlantia

Our Next Events
In the UK:
28th February (Newark)
In the USA:
Las Vegas Open
20th - 22nd February (Las Vegas)
There will also be a Tournament here

Look out for our next Newsletter and Newsflash.
See you soon!
The Hawk Wargames Team

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