Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pulp City Kickstarter - Unboxing and Review - Kickstarter Extras

I covered the Rulebook and the 'Hero' and 'Villain' starter sets in Part lets have a look at the Kickstarter extras...

Kickstarter Bonus's.
I'm used to the inevitable 'Kickstarter Exclusive' miniature and (with the more successful Kickstarters at least) an expansion to the initial line-up but this is the first Kickstarter where I've got more models for free than were in the original pledge...

You get cards for them all as well of course...

...the models are an interesting if somewhat eclectic selection amongst which there are a faction worth of Grimms, a Gorilla with a gatling gun, a couple of walking fish and a pair of hovering cats...

Not sure if these are enough for a viable A.R.C. force...I'll put them together anyway...

 Guerilla - Assembled.
I had some minor issues with the assembling of this one as you need to align both arms and the ammo feed...nothing major...I could have done with a third arm is all, lol.

 Robo-Chimp - Assembled.

John Grimmsham - Assembled.
The hand holding the sewer cover is separate as is the nice scenic base insert. All parts went together without issue.

Lots of Grimm's - Assembled.
A few of the models had separate arms here and there but I had no problems with the assembly and mould lines were at a minimum.

Gravito Grimm, Grimm Lee Chan, Grimmbiote, Grimmrock, Spartagrimm, Supreme Grimm and Toxic Grimmvenger - Assembled.

 Ankle Biters - Assembled.

Mutant Mobsters - Assembled.

Hovercats - Assembled.

I'll try and get some games in over the next few weeks and hopefully I can give a game-play review from my absolute beginners perspective...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Great to see the two unboxing posts.

    Looking forward to seeing your game-play thoughts when you get the time. :)

    1. Hoping to get some games in next weekend, unfortunately I wont have time this one :-(

  2. Now this is a horribly tempting Kickstarter PulpCitizen, and the Soviet forces in particular look stunning, especially Professor Hammer. I love my superheroes as you know, but them 'Reds' look awesome.

    Jack W,
    Mia Oconnor


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