Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

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It's Hobby Time!

Mantic is a hobby company, and we want to be a Hobby company you can be proud of. One you can tell your friends about.

Ronnie talks in depth about this over on the Mantic Blog, but the highlights are this:

1) We will build a dedicated website for each of our major gaming systems.

2) We will add the range of Army Painter products to our site plus a resin line of Deadzone and Mars Attacks scenery.

3) The Mantic Journal is coming back this summer and will be called the Mantic Journal – Annual #1.

4) Regional Clash of Kings Tournaments, a huge roster of events at Adepticon and Dreadball tournaments just being the start of a calendar of great hobby events.

5) Mantic Hobby Oaths, which the Pathfinders have been quietly running on a monthly basis, becoming a Facebook page where all mantic fans can post their hobby ambitions for the month ahead – and face public adoration or ridicule depending on how close they get to delivering it!
Ogre Captain by Daith. Whether it's painting armies, building scenery or playing games, we're going to be upping the ante on our hobby, and we hope you'll join in.

Combine all this with a global summer campaign and full re-launch for Kings of War, DreadBall getting violent and nasty, Mars Attacks turning into a full-wargame (with no soldiers needing assembly!) and other fantastic monthly releases we can be very excited about what 2015 can be.

Stay tuned Fanatics and join us next week for more on the above PLUS we'll have competitions, giveaways, battle reports, videos and more surprises in store. We're not at all done with the exciting news just yet ;)

Get ready for Hobby Time on the Mantic Blog on Monday and get involved - let us know what you think should be a part of Hobby Time and how you're going to participate.

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