Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pulp City Kickstarter - Unboxing and Review - Heroes and Villians

Some time ago I pledged to a Kickstarter for a new edition of the super hero skirmish game 'Pulp City'. Though there were many tempting models in the range I rather uncharacteristically erred on the cautious side and went for the basic 'Supreme' pledge.

This gave me the rulebook, two starter sets (a Hero one and a Villain one), a Kickstarter exclusive miniature one, some stat cards and access to any appropriate stretch goals that occurred along the way. In a pleasing development those 'stretch goals' resulted in a quite considerable quantity of extra models.

lets have a look at what arrived in the package then...

Instruction Book.
It's a good quality book and as is to be expected with any project that has had decent play-testing the layout is user friendly and there are plenty of diagrams in the rules sections that give you a visual explanation as well as a literal one. When the Kickstarter first started I was a bit unsure about the art style but it's grown on me considerably and to be honest fits the feel of the game itself perfectly.

Here are some sample pages so you can get the general feel of it yourself...

Pulp City Starter Sets.
The 'Supreme' pledge came with two Starter Sets that come with all the appropriate cards for their use and a handy reference sheet. The sheet is the same in both sets (and I'm guessing does so with the others as well) so I'm only going to show a pic of it once, lol.

Heroes Starter Set.
The 'good' guys...

Heroes Starter Set - Assembled.
These are all single piece models so there's no assembly issues.

Ace of Wraiths, Tekkna and Wildman - Assembled.

Villains Starter Set.
...and the 'bad' guys...

Villains Starter Set - Assembled.
Anansi (The skinny one) has a separate arm but the alignment point is well defined and 'Nuke' (the big guy) has separate hands. A decent pair of clippers helps in this regard or you may need to do a tiny bit of filing in order to get the fit perfect.

Anansi, Aurelius and Nuke - Assembled.

Leader Cards.
These cards cover a number of in game bonuses including a selection that are only usable when all your models are from a particular faction and have a certain leader...

But that's not all...but as I don't want this article to become browser destroyingly picture heavy I'll cover the Kickstarter extras in another post appearing in a couple of hours...

That other post can be found here should you be interested.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Great to see you already have them up on bases. Quick work! Just waiting for my haul to arrive later this week.

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