Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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I'm still not convinced it's the 'most brutal sport'...I bet the future version of ice hockey has machine guns and chainsaws at the very least...


The Galaxy's Most Brutal Sport

With the help of Mantic Fan and Digital Wizard Matt Lee, the new DreadBall Xtreme website is now live!
This website is a central hub for fans across the world, where you can discover more about the game and the universe, learn how to paint your models, play the game and join in with the DreadBall Xtreme community.
DreadBall Xtreme is the galaxy’s most brutal sport. Assume the role of Sponsor, pick your team from a rag-tag group of alien mercenaries and play ball in the most dangerous arenas in the galaxy.
We’re building these sites for each system, and will continue to develop, add new content and host them, but these platforms are for you guys and girls. Our hope is that you will help us populate it with more great stuff, and ultimately run the website yourselves.

Here's how you can get involved:
We're looking for articles, match reports, videos or simply just pictures of your DreadBall Xtreme teams. If you have something you want to submit, get in touch with Luke Watson!
We're looking for volunteers to help run the site, including curating content and keeping the site fresh. Get in touch withChris Palmer if you are interested in being an Admin!
STOP - Hobby Time!
Also in the Mantic Universe...
Blood, Beards and Brass Knuckles - Xtreme Match Report Part 1: Luke and Alex decided now was the time to enjoy the gritty, no rules approach of DreadBall Xtreme. Read on to find out who will take the crown….
Beasts of War's DreadBall Academy is back - and not just with one vid, but two! Explore Season 4 here and, if you've got a backstage pass, you can also check out Curis take on Warren with the Hobgoblins and Sphyr duking it out on the pitch.
The 22nd February is the first Clash of Kings event of the year - held at Athena Games in Norwich and tickets are still available if you would like to participate! Can't get to Norwich? Check out the website for our full list of UK Kings of War tournaments this year.
Our very popular Crazy Box offer is ending at the end of February! Yes, that bundle of glory and value is coming to a close - over £50 worth of product for just £25/$39.99. Find out more about the standard or the Pure Sci-fi version here. Ends 11:59pm GMT 1st March.
Get more DreadBall in your life. February's Season 4 pre-orders start shipping this week - and who doesn't want a Sphyr or Hobgoblin team?!
After the great feedback we had at the first event, we're holding a secondDungeon Saga Playtest Day on the 7th March. Get in touch with Dave if you want to help us test our biggest and best game yet!
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