Friday, 13 February 2015

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Though slightly less brutal than girls seriously...have you ever watched a game of netball...blood everywhere,,,


The Galaxy's Most Brutal Sport

"Back before the DGB, when DreadBall was still a real sport, the game was brutal. If you wanna see DreadBall played as it really should be, where you can smell the blood and get a pie and a drink for less than a cost of passage offworld, you have to hunt down an Xtreme game. The corps don’t like it, but they can’t stop it either. There’s something very democratic about DreadBall played proper – don’t matter who you are, how big you are or how fast. If your time’s up, your time’s up. And I don’t mean so’s you can go take a long soak in a big tub at half time…”

Interview with ‘Hacker’ Perez – former protégé of Jesus Ortiz, with ‘Underground Rush’ magazine.
DreadBall Xtreme is the galaxy’s most brutal sport, brought to life in a violent underworld dominated by criminal masterminds and illegal betting rings. Assume the role of Sponsor and play ball in the most dangerous arenas in the galaxy.

Want more DreadBall Xtreme?

Check out the blog next week for the launch of the dedicated DreadBall Xtreme website and keep an eye out for our free Hobby Time downloads, which includes all the rules you need to play with your existing DreadBall teams in Xtreme.

And if that wasn't enough, you can also watch these great videos:
Bell of Lost Souls get their mitts on a copy of DreadBall Xtreme and unbox it for all to see (plus a sneaky Roster Pad left over from a Kickstarter copy that shouldn't have been included...)
Spooney J takes a look through a copy of DreadBall Xtreme and gives us his thoughts on the game!
Gerrcinn unleashes his review on the pre-release Kickstarter edition of DreadBall Xtreme.
To see a full list of what you get in this incredible new standalone game in the DreadBall series, pop on over to the Mantic Website!
STOP - Hobby Time!
Also in the Mantic Universe this week...
We're the Exclusive UK and European Distributor of Secret Weapon Tablescapes Gaming Boards!
Meet the team! (PS we've used this picture of some convicts because we didn't want to scare you off. Not a pretty bunch our lads.)
Want your local store to carry Mantic?Let us know and if the store take the range, we'll give you £30 off the webstore!
Learn how to paint DreadBall Xtreme Convicts with Pete Harrison from Talk Wargaming!
We're holding the first ever Mantic Open Night at Adepticon! Join us for a variety of finger foods/snacks, a cash bar and several demos run by Mantic’s spectacular Pathfinders. For veteran players, they will have several special scenarios setup, which will include such events as: a ‘fight-your-way-through-the-zombie-hoard’ Deadzone scenario, Strider/Stuntbot, a special mission by Pathfinder Mike and Mars Attacks. Additionally, there will be open gaming all evening if you would like to just get a few game sin against some new people.

There will be a Q&A with Mantic’s own Joe Neet and a live recording of theMantic North America Podcast during and after the Q&A. Stick around and make funny noises, cheers and jeers! As per Jonny P’s request, we’re trying to get a flaming cow… Register Here!
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