Monday, 16 February 2015

Malifaux Character Background Index

Those of you who play Malifaux may have chosen it as a gaming system for a number of reasons but for many it's the interesting background to the world of Malifaux and it's characters that has both attracted them to it and kept them interested...

I had a recent conversation with a new Malifaux fan who was looking for background material on a particular character (Molly Squidpiddge as it happens) so I sent them a quite detailed list of where they could find said information which led onto another conversation about where I got the location list from. I was then forced to admit that I had compiled myself an index of the locations of all the various pieces of such material for my own use as I could never find particular stories when I was looking for them. It was subsequently pointed out to me that this information might be useful to other people which had never occurred to me as to be honest it seemed like a pretty rare requirement, lol. But I've decided to make it generally available anyway in a modified form.

I have therefore tidied up the format to make it legible to any-one other than me, filled in the gaps (it was several books and magazine articles out of date) and have given it it's own blog page for use as a resource for any-one who may wish to utilise it.

The page can be found here or by clicking on the link below and contains some notes on the format used. Should any-one have any constructive feedback then they can leave it here or on the page itself.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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  1. Awesome. I was 'that guy' will read and follow with interest. Thanks for your work.


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