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A newsletter via my FLGS containing all the new releases together with some newly painted Harlequins courtesy of their own Titan Games Studio near the bottom...

Welcome to The Titan Post

Titan Games monthly rundown of the latest releases

Welcome to the latest edition of the Titan Post. To begin with we have an apology to make, shortly after we sent out last month's newsletter we received a rather large sad face in our Facebook messenger from Rob at Prodos. It turns out with all our enthusiasm to get Titan's very first newsletter out we forgot to mention the cool new stuff that Prodos Games had released.

Now here at Titan Games we're very fond of Rob, in fact he's probably our favourite of the Prodos guys, and knowing we'd upset him made us feel bad, so we'd just like to say we're sorry Rob. In an effort to make it up to you we've put the Prodos releases first in our run down of the last month.

Plus on top of the latest Prodos goodies we've also got a reminder of this months releases from Privateer Press, Knight Models, Corvus Belli, Wyrd and Hawk and then to finish off we've got a quick look at some of the new Games Workshop Harlequin miniatures that have been painted by Martin at Titan Games Studio.
January saw the release of two great looking new items for the Capitol and Cybertronic factions in Warzone Resurrection. Capitol gained the new K9 Teams - specially created attack dogs, trained to defeat any enemies that dare to try and infiltrate Capitol territory. Meanwhile the Cybertronic received Pieter "The Shield" Diamond - a once highly respected Bauhausian officer who has been resurrected by the Cybertronic to become the poster boy of the fifth megacorp.

February then saw the release of the faction Megadecks. Every Warzone player is probably going to need one of these. More information below.
These new Megapacks are a welcome new addition to the Warzone Resurrection range. They contain all the Strategy, Tactical and Gear cards for your chosen faction. They will definitely make life a lot easier for Warzone players.
February saw Knight Models continue with their release of incredible looking figures for the Batman Miniature Game. This month they gave us the huge Titan Form Joker (and when we say huge we are using typical British understatement), along with new thugs for Black Mask and two new mercs for the Bane crew.
Its been a busy month as far as Privateer press are concerned with a grand total of fifteen new items to tell you about, so we best get started.
To begin with Cygnar have a new sculpt of the Warcaster Markus Brisbane. This will replace the earlier version.
A professional soldier with more field experience than virtually any other warcaster in the Cygnaran Army, Major Markus Brisbane is famous among Cygnaran troops for his ability to lead from the front and infamous among his enemies for his ability to triumph.
Khador received three new miniatures this month, the first of which is the new version of Aleksandra Zerkova. This again replaces the previous version.
We also had the new Extreme Juggernaut and Destroyer. Featuring advanced poseability and striking detail, these new miniatures are designed for the display case, but are also legal for use in WARMACHINE and HORDES games.
Convergence were given their first battle engine this month with the release of the transfinite emergence projector. A weapon of unrivaled sophistication, the transfinite emergence projector delivers tremendous but precise destruction. In concert with its orbiting permutation servitors, it can modulate its weaponry for pinpoint accuracy, destructive intensity, or area saturation. The servitors also function as expendable shields, ensuring the projector survives to apply its devastating force to all enemies of the Clockwork Goddess.
The Mercenaries received a couple of new releases this month with the new version of Fiona the Black and the new Captain Sam MacHorne & the Devil Dogs box set. The new Fiona replaces the previous version and the new Devil Dogs box combines the previous Captain Sam MacHorne and Devil Dogs boxes.
Trollkin players will be happy as they've been given two new units in the form of Braylen Wanderheart and the Northkin Fire Eaters.
Braylen Wanderheart is a pistol wielding Trollkin outlaw who can usually be found raiding military convoys for weapons and equipment and the The Northkin Fire Eaters have found an interesting way of using their booze thirsty tendencies in battle.
History will remember Thagrosh Hellborne as the abomination who unleashed the Legion of Everblight onto the world which is probably why he's the most popular PP release this month. This awesome new resin/metal kit is replacing the previous version.
To finish off the PP releases this month we have the new wound markers and quick measuring sets. The wound markers are available in three different sizes, small, medium and large and are designed to fit around the model's base to help you keep track of wounds easier.
The official Warmachine and Hordes quick measuring sets include one multipurpose measuring key, one small-base blast measuring key, one medium-base blast measuring key, and one large-base blast measuring key.
Wryd must have had the gremlins working overtime this month with the release of four new box sets and an expansion for Into The Breach.

First up we have Merris LaCroix. Originally released as part of Wyrd's Black Friday sale, this miniature is now available from us, and lets be honest, who wouldn't want a gremlin with a jetpack?

Next we have the new Flesh Construct, again released as part of the Black Friday sale but now available from us. A creation of Leveticus' twisted magic, the Desolation Engine is pretty much an unstoppable force of destruction and carnage.
The 'Hide and Seek' box contains nine miniatures, namely The Dreamer, Lord Chompy Bits, three Daydream Totems, Coppelius, and three Alps. It also contains the necessary stat cards for each one and five upgrade cards.

The Dreamer is a child whose dreams take him to Malifaux where his incredible powers give him the ability to warp reality. Unable to defeat him, the primordial Nytmare now named Lord Chompy Bits, protects the child and follows him around in his adventures in the "dream land."
The last Malifaux miniatures to mention this month are the Abominations. This box set contains the parts for four Abominations.

Every so often, amateur necromancers become fascinated with the abominations and attempt to construct their own. Those few who succeed come to regret the decision.
Decide the Future of Innocence: In Defence of Innocence is the first Penny Dreadful for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. This 84 page book focuses on the boom town of Innocence and its struggle to survive in Malifaux. The town is full of interesting characters, locations, and plots and it serves as a great place to start or continue your campaign. An ideal setting for 3-5 Fated characters, it contains 4 ready made adventures for the Fatemaster.
Corvus Belli have been busy again this month, with two new starter packs and three new individual figures to tell you about.

First we have the awesome new PanOceania Starter Pack. Containing six figures this new pack is a great way to get started with the big guys of the Infinity galaxy. Then we have the Nomads Starter pack, again containing six figures. This new starter pack is the perfect way to start if you wish to roam through Space trading from one planet to another.

Both of these new starter packs are available from us on-line or in-store.
Following on from those two we have three new releases for the Combined Army, Haqqislam and the Yu Jing.

The Combined Army have been reinforced with the new Unidron Batroids, techno-organic units designed for action in hostile environments. Grown on hidden plantations, thousands of these are waiting to be harvested and sent into battle.

The Haqqislam have been updated with the new Hassassin Ragiks. Members of a secret society of assassins, their main operational purpose is to deploy into the area of operations with celerity, make airborne attacks, carry out combat operations and, above anything, triumph against all odds.

Then to finish off this month's infinity releases we have my personal favourite, the Yan Huo Invincibles, because lets face it, who doesn't like a mech suit with two missile launchers?
Hawk Wargames released the first wave of Famous Commanders for Dropzone Commander this month, further details for each can be found below, and you can find complete rules and background for all of these in the Reconquest: Phase 1 book.

The book also introduced a brand new faction to the DZC universe - The Resistance. This diverse and colourful army is made up of the ragtag but hardened survivors of Scourge occupation.

All of these are now available from us on-line or in-store.
The Commanders: All of the Commander miniatures come complete with unique command cards to represent theis abilities on the battlefield.
Luciana Cato began her military service with the UCMF but when badly injured in battle against the Shaltari, she chose to take up a new challenge with the UCMA. She is now in command of the battlefield in a modified variant of the Ferrum class Drone Base.
The very existence of this individual has brought into question much of what the UCM thought they knew about Scourge biology.  'The Dinosaur', as most Resistance fighters on Eden refer to it, has been sighted on many battlefronts and clearly fulfils a frontline command role.
The name of Marcus Barros is already, justly, infamous among the UCM high command. He is known for bombarding opponents into the dust with extreme firepower levelled from a secure and superior position. Barros prefers to take to the centre of the fire line in person by piloting a Hades Type-4 Super Heavy Battle Walker, modified with several weapon systems not commonly seen on this vehicle pattern.
Salakahn maintains his reputation as a great warrior by frequently taking to the battlefield in person. In battles he favours a bulked-out M3 Alexander super heavy battle tank which has been recently upgraded with an energy shield of PHR origin, making him extremely difficult to eliminate.
Warchief Isis has only recently entered the awareness of the UCM military high command. She had been known to the diplomatic community for several centuries, but recently she appears to have shifted her attentions from diplomacy to war. Warchief Isis rides a modified Caiman Grav-Tank equipped with additional shielding and a lethal particle cannon.
Karl Foley is possibly the most famous Resistance fighter on all of Eden Prime. His actions several years ago during his legendary 'Great Gambit' raid were instrumental in bringing the Reconquest to the planet. Although Foley has ridden to war in many vehicles, he now pilots his favourite machine, a heavily modified J-19 Hellhog jumpjet.
The other big release this month was from Games Workshop. After nearly twenty years you can once again take a Harlequin army, and our brush monkey Martin got quite excited about this and decided to paint some up. So we thought we'd show you his results.
We're sure you'll agree that he's done a pretty good job on these, and if you'd like him to paint yours then you're in luck as Titan Games offers a commission service. Let us know what you require and we'll sort you out a quote. You can contact Titan Games Studios on Facebook where you'll be able to see some further examples of his work.
We have a whole host of events planned for March across both our Lichfield and Stourbridge stores. Details for these can be found by clicking the images below but not all of our forthcoming events are listed here so it's always worth taking a look at the events page on our website for even more.
Don't forget you can find out more about whats going on at Titan Games simply by visiting us on Facebook or taking a look at our website.

Til next month
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