Saturday, 21 February 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

Apparently their Christmas offer is coming to an end soon...yes...their Christmas offer, lol.


This Madness Must Stop!

Sad news folks, the Christmas Crazy Box is coming to an end for another year!
The Crazy Box is the ultimate toy soldier collection and comes in two flavours:pure sci-fi or standard. Contents will vary!
What is the Christmas Crazy Box? 

We ram as much cool stuff from across our entire range into a box as we can (about £50's worth). This can be anything – Enforcers, Scenery sprues, vehicles, mercenaries, MVPs. We then stick a £24.99/$34.99 price tag on it, making it the perfect way to sample the Mantic range, or add to your existing collection.

Get yours before they’re gone (and if you’ve already got one, why not pick up another one?!) – offer ends Sunday 1st March at 11:59pm GMT.
Re-enforcer-ments have arrived!
Enforcer Support Booster

The Enforcers operate as a completely self-contained force, able to call upon their own specialists to deal with any scenario. This includes field medics, as well as urban suppression specialists known as Defenders.
Enforcer Peacekeepers

Peacekeepers function as the ultimate deterrent. In a Deadzone, If hostilities are protracted, a unit may be dispatched to break a deadlock, where their firepower ensures that not much is able to stand before them.
These supersoldiers are great whether you’re wanting to add some marines to a sci-fi mass battle army for a game like Warpath, or are looking to create more individual figures for a skirmish game like Deadzone. Add them to your collection here, and make sure you check out the Enforcement Protocol deal which contains all of this in a simple one-click package that ships post free. This exceptionally great value for money armyis only available until the end of the month.
STOP - Hobby Time!
Also in the Mantic Universe...
Pick up your hobby supplies from the Mantic Webstore! The Army Painter is now available from our webstore, meaning you can get all of your glue, paint and tools with your Mantic Miniatures. More will be added soon!
Beasts of War's DreadBall Academy is back - and not just with one vid, but two!Explore Season 4 and, if you've got a backstage pass, you can also check out Curis take on Warren with the Hobgoblins and Sphyr duking it out on the pitch.
After the great feedback we had at the first event, we're holding a secondDungeon Saga Playtest Day on the 7th March. Get in touch with Dave if you want to help us test our biggest and best game yet!
In May we’re throwing open the doors of Mantic’s hallowed walls and inviting you to party with us to mark the start of the Summer of Hobby. Forget all of the drizzle and dark nights, come join us on Saturday 9th May for a fun-filled day of gaming. Find out more here!
Take DreadBall wherever you go! Season 4 has been added to the Mantic Digital library alongside the Complete DreadBall Collection that features all six seasons!*

* Season 5 + 6 not available on launch.
The Terrain Tutor has started work on a special project that you'll be able to see at our Adepticon & Salute stand!
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