Friday, 22 January 2016

Age of Tyrants Kickstarter

Meant to post this yesterday.....

Kickstarter is live!

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Well, after 7 Years of development, we have finally come around to a point where we're happy to release Age of Tyrants to the world! We want to thank you all for your support and, further to that point, hope you will support us on our Kickstarter!
We've got several bundles ready there for you, please take a moment to check through those. Very excitingly, we are offering some of Wayne England's Original artwork with some of our Early Bird Pledges! Don't miss out, secure your pledge now!
Many thanks,
Age of Tyrants Team

20-01-2016: Le Temple De Morikun review

Age of Tyrants : La campagne de financement participatif ouvre le feu demain a 19H sur Kickstarter !!! Aux Armes !!!

This time we are there !! After being pushed back a few days, the official campaign of AGE OF TYRANTS starts with a bang tomorrow night at 19h (French time) !!!

21-01-2016: Take a Trip with DV8

Age of Tyrants, it's a start!

Today starts (6pm GMT) the Kickstarter of Age of Tyrants, the new project in the VOID / Urban Wars universe. I'm quite excited about this as I have always been a fan of this universe.
Ok first sample then to celebrate the starting of the KS later today: a Junker Venator!

21-01-2016: Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program and earn an Armour or Infantry platoon!

21-01-2016: Beasts of War interview

Weekender: Exploring Age Of Tyrants

Welcome to The Weekender where we have a big bumper episode packed with prizes and a look at the world of Age of Tyrants! If you like the idea of combined arms combat then stay tuned for our interview.

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