Monday, 25 January 2016

The Walking Dead: All Out War Newsletter

Another Kickstarter incoming from Mantic Games...

The Walking Dead: All Out War
Miniatures Game
Hi, Ronnie here. It’s been nearly three weeks since we announced The Walking Dead miniatures game and the response has been somewhere between amazing and frightening!
We’ve never seen a buzz like this before – and as most of you know, we like to keep things exciting! This looks to go off the charts.
That said, we don’t want to make any of the mistakes of the past. There’s no doubt that to deal with the demand, not only help with tooling, but also to bring in the quantities we expect to print, Kickstarter will be needed.
To ensure we can support the volume of backers, and our general community, in the next week or so we will be launching a new customer service platform called Freshdesk, headed up by our new Customer Service Manager Zak.
This will replace all of our existing systems so we can better support you. Watch out for more info on this soon.
The Kickstarter campaign will be simple – so the backer will still get a great deal, and it’ll allow us to focus on accuracy and right first time shipping and customer service. We also want to make sure there is lots of demand left for the retailers to share in this product, especially with a starting MSRP of just £35/$50, and £12.50 and $20 boosters.
And so The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is launching on Kickstarter on Monday February 1 at 05:30am PT, 08:30am ET or 1:30pm GMT. There will be one main pledge available with a highly limited, discounted early bird level available until they sell out.

You can read all about our plan for the Kickstarter and improvements here.

The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game Kickstarter closes on Monday February 29 at 15:59pm PT, 18:59pm ET 11:59pm GMT. Shipping Wave 1 is expected to be dispatched in August 2016.
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