Saturday, 9 January 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

Looks like a busy year for Mantic Games...

Happy New Year!
Welcome to the first Mantic newsletter of 2016 - it's a bumper issue to get us in the mood for a great year.

Recently we unleashed twelve days of exciting previews, culminating in big news - that we are working with Skybound Entertainment to make The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game. Just in case you missed this announcement or any of the previews, here are the top three stories coming up over the next few weeks - and that's before we rocket into the deluge of futuristic action to come later this year!
#3 It is your Destiny
Destiny of Kings is the campaign book for Kings of War. Inside the book you'll find:

- The Quests of the Necromancer campaign - a new chapter in Mantica's history fought over a series of linked battles.

- A new scenario for Dungeon Saga, as four masters of evil infiltrate a Dwarf Hold to retrieve a powerful artifact.
- Full, balanced rules for fielding the Heroes of Dolgarth, the necromancer Mortibris, the terrible Ba’el and the mighty Valendor in your games of Kings of War.

- And more!

Destiny of Kings hits shelves in February. Read more here.

#2 The Rise of the Abyss

The Abyss has opened and the world of Mantica will tremble – the demonic Forces of the Abyss are coming for Kings of War!
The core of the army is made up of hard plastic infantry kits, complete with optional weapons and fun extras like Imps. Once you’ve built your core force, you can grow your army with Abyssal Fiends, Molochs, Efreet and Abyss Champion hero kits.

Check out the full range on the Mantic Website.
Staff Pick: Get started with the Forces of the Abyss
Mantica's demonic denizens are best brought to the tabletop with the Forces of the Abyss Mega Force – retailing for £99.99/$174.99 you will get 152 miniatures worth over £175/$300 if bought separately. The set include over 140 hard plastic figures with weapons and head options, 3 bases of Tortured Souls not released separately until the end of the year, heroes, monsters and more. It’s an easy to assemble set that offers a phenomenal saving on starting an army!

#1 Announcing The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Games

We are proud to announce that Mantic will be making ‘The Walking Dead Miniatures Game’, titled ‘All OUT WAR’, under license from Skybound Entertainment.
Read about Ronnie's trip to the Skybound offices before a whole week of previews on the game and miniatures starting Monday!
Read the full announcement on The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game here, and watch Ronnie's video here.
We hope you've been saving your Christmas money for February ;) #TWDMinis
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