Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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That's how they get you hooked...it is free though...
Enter the Realm of Beasts
Epic battles, tragic heroes, fantastical worlds – Vengeance Eternal contains everything that makes Warhammer fiction great, and we're letting you read it absolutely free.

Follow the Celestial Vindicators as they battle through the Realm of Beasts, facing the dread denizens of that feral land, and the malign forces of Chaos. But for all the enemies without, it might be thier own Lord-Celestant, Thostos Bladestorm, who poses the greatest threat. Reforged after death, he has returned as something greater than human, or far less…

Download part one of the epic tale now for absolutely nothing and get reading.

If you enjoyed the story, there's plenty more where that came from.

You can secure the whole Bladestorm epic with a great value subscription. Each episode will appear in your account as soon as it's released, so you'll always be up to date on the Celestial Vindicators' latest battles. And with the subscription you get not just part 1 free, but all eight instalments for the price of four.

He's back...
The Lord of Death wakes

The Stormcast Etranals of the Hallowed Knights battle through the blighted Realm of Death, finding some unusual allies along the way. Their quest: to seek out one of the most dangerous beings in existence.

With all four parts now released, you can listen to the full audio saga of the hunt for Nagash right now.

Nagash, this is your…erm, life?
If you want the full tale of Warhammer's most notorious necromancer, from sorcerous acolyte to undying lord, to god of all death, then look no further. We've collected together the full saga of Nagash's rise to power (and fall, and resurrection to power) into one great value collection.
It contains five novels spanning the history of the World That Was and the new-four part audio drama series, set within the Realm of Death itself.
10 stories for the price of 5
For one month only
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