Friday, 15 January 2016

River Horse Newsletter

Some interesting news from River Horse Games...

Waterloo - Quelle-Affaire! is here

Our new game, successfully funded on Kickstarter, is now available to buy! The game, designed by Alessio Cavatore and illustrated by Peter Dennis, is a hex-based boardgame that allows two players to recreate what is arguably the most famous battle in history.

You win the game by destroying half the total combat strength of the enemy army. This task is easier for the French when only one army faces them. However, if Wellington’s forces survive long enough for the Prussians to finally arrive, the tip of the scale will swing in favour of the Allies, and the French are probably going to find themselves fighting for their life. And nobody can be sure exactly when the Prussians are going to appear in the East…

For more information and to get hold of a copy of the game, click here.

New Terminator metals & Duel preview
The new arrival this month is the Command & Support set in metal. As we said in our last newsletter, the plan (well, 11% of a plan) is to make all of our resin figures available in metal – a lot of you asked... and here they are. We have made a few tweaks including thickened up the .50 barrel and the pistols.
Available from our online shop here.
Also we have a tease of our next resin set, The Duel, sculpted by Luigi. This sees the Guardian with magnetic gauntlets vs John Connor as the T-3000. This set should be with us in a couple of weeks, initially in resin and then later in metal. Rules for the T-3000 and magnetic weaponry will be available from our website and from the Facebook page.

Join us on Facebook for more pictures and details of what's happening in the community.

Miniatures painted by Marcel Popik
Labyrinth Goblins
Along with the board game we will be releasing some collectible figurines sculpted by Johnny, which can of course be used in the game.

These figurines will be well known characters from the Labyrinth. I won't spoil the surprise by telling you which, but here is a peek at one of them.

We have a Facebook group up and running here – come on in for a nice cup o' tea... 

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