Thursday, 14 January 2016

Wyrd Games January Newsletter

Looks like January and February are going to be expensive months for me...


Welcome to the new year! We're really excited about everything we have coming up this year, so let's just dive in and look at some news for the beginning of the year!
Here's a look at this month's releases:

January Releases
  • WYR20620 - Wild Boar (Ulix) - $21.00
  • WYR20332 - Snow Storm - $35.00
  • WYR20330 - Blessed of December - $16.00
  • WYR20227 - Shikome - $16.00
  • WYR20527 - Sue - $11.00
  • WYR20329 - Angelica - $11.00
  • WYR20715 - Tengu - $24.00
  • WYR20625 - Sammy - $11.00
And a look at next month's releases:

February Releases
  • WYR20236 - Tuco - $21.00
  • WYR20141 - Slate Ridge Mauler - $26.00
  • WYR21043 - Aionus - $15.00
  • WYR20328 - Gunsmiths - $18.00
  • WYR20333 - Silent One - $18.00
  • WYR20229 - Drowned - $21.00
  • WYR20528 - Ashes and Dust - $35.00
  • WYR20428 - Insidious Madnesses - $24.00
Community Contests - This year, Wyrd is beginning monthly contests for the community to win different prizes. Each month will be a different contest and a different prize. In January we are offering a giveaway to the individual who creates the best person, place, or thing in Malifaux. Submissions must be posted on our forum, and the winner will receive a hardcover copy of Through the Breach, containing both the Fated and Fatemaster's Almanacs and an advance copy of Under Quarantine! Full details can be found here.
Don't forget that every other week we release a new episode of our podcast,Tales of Malifaux! This podcast has shared all the stories up through Twisting Fates with our listeners.
PlastCraft Circus terrain will soon be available in our webstore. This ColorED terrain just needs assembly. You can check out the PlastCraft offerings here.
At the end of the month, we'll also be releasing Gaining Grounds 2016, our Malifaux tournament format. This exciting update includes brand new schemes to spice up your games of Malifaux, allowing for new crew combinations and strategies. More details will be available soon.

In addition, our event kits will soon be available to Henchmen. These kits come with special edition figures, stat cards, and Wyrd Scrip -- a new way to gain access to exclusive items. More information will be available soon.

Ask your local Henchman when he or she's using the new event kit to run their first Gaining Grounds 2016 tournament! If your area doesn't have a Henchman, you shouldcome sign up!
Thank you all for your amazing support and for helping us grow our community. 2015 was a great year, and with your help, we'll make 2016 even better!
Copyright © 2016 Wyrd Miniatures, LLC., All rights reserved. 

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