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Titan Games Newsletter - Upcoming Events

My local gaming store Titan Games's upcoming events...

The Titan Post - January - Part 2 - Upcoming Events

Welcome to The Titan Post

Upcoming Events at Titan Games

We've got quite a few events planned over the next few months so here's a quick run down of the schedule so far.
Star Wars X-Wing Winter Tournament

Star Wars X-Wing Winter Tournament

Being held in-store on January 16th our X-wing Winter Tournament is the perfect occasion to practice for the Store Championship event in February. It's a friendly tournament with a more competitive edge than your usual games, which gives you a chance to try and iron out the last few bugs in your fleet.
Star Wars Campaign

Star Wars Campaign

Become your own Grand Moff.
On the wall in our store we have a huge map of the Star Wars Galaxy which is perfect for a campaign. So we thought what better way to loosely link all your games of X-Wing, Armada and Imperial Assault together. Its a simple territory grab campaign, win a game claim a system.
Warhammer 40,000 Strike Force Campaign

Warhammer 40,000 Strike Force Tournament

We ran our first one of these a few months ago and it was a huge sucess. Since then we've had a number of requests to run it again so here it is. 
The day will consist of four 750 point games that will be played on 3'x3' boards in urban surroundings but there are a few limitations to what you can use.

Armies must be selected using the following organisation
1 HQ
0-1 Elites
1+ Troops

Vehicles (except walkers) are limited to a maximum of 33 AV (front+side+rear)
No Flyers or flying monstrous creatures...
Maximum 3 wounds on any model
MTG Game Day

Magic The Gathering Game Day

The first of this year's Game Days. This one to celebrate Oath of the Gatewatch. 
Magic Game Day is a one-day tournament using the Standard format.
Each participant in the Magic Game Day tournament receives a full-art promo card, and each player in the Top 8 receives a premium full-art promo card, while supplies last.

The winner of each Game Day tournament receives a special Champion playmat to commemorate their victory. This limited-edition playmat is only awarded to the winner, so be sure to bring your A-game!
X-Wing Store Championship

Star Wars X-Wing Store Championship

This will probably be the biggest of our Star Wars Tournaments this year.
The Championship events are a series of events that start on a local scale (Store Championships) and grow all the way into the pinnacle of international play (World Championships) over the course of each year. With each successive event the competition becomes fiercer, the prize pool becomes larger, and the tournaments become bigger.
Batman Tournament

Batman Miniature Game Tournament

The first of our 2016 Batman Tournaments. This is a really friendly event with most attendees using their favourite crew rather than what will win them the game. It has even been known for players to turn up in costume.
That's it for the moment but don't forget we also have our weekly Wednesday night games nights and Friday Night Magic, plus we still have a number of events that we haven't been able to nail down just yet, so keep an eye on our facebook page for further details.

See you soon
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