Saturday, 30 January 2016

Black Library Newsletter - Ghosts of the Eisenstein

'Knight Errant Week' comes to a close with something new from the Black Library...

Knights Errant week comes to a close today with something completely and entirely new – a novelette* by James Swallow that ties together a number of loose ends from his Horus Heresy stories. After all, we never found out what happened to the rest of the Death Guard who fled Isstvan with Garro... 'Ghosts Speak Not' teams them up with Sister of Silence Amendera Kendel on a desperate mission for Malcador.
Exclusive to eBook
Includes the bonus short storyPatience

And as an added treat, the eBook of 'Ghosts Speak Not' includes an additional short tale guest-starring none other than the Agentia Primus himself, Nathaniel Garro. In 'Patience', he teaches one of his former Death Guard brothers the meaning of, well, patience.

*What is a novelette? Well, some say it's a short story with delusions of grandeur, others that it's a novella that gets to the point quicker. All we know is that it's exactly the right length for this story, and that's all that matters.
That brings Knights Errant week to a close. We hope you enjoyed the lineup of new Quick Reads, each of them appearing as an eBook for the first time. if you missed any (Malcador's agents can be pretty elusive sometimes) then you can catch up on all of them here:
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