Monday, 22 October 2018

Sarissa Precision - New Releases

New releases for Sons of Mars, Arena Rex or even Gangs of Rome from Sarissa Precision...

 Let the games begin.........

We've got another mini range today that gives many options and flexibility. You'll be trying to work out what you want yours to look like.

Our Ludus Arena range has been inspired to work with gladiator games like the recently released Sons of Mars or Arena Rex but could also offer a themed layout for Gangs of Rome. A fantastic value launch deal on the Scenery Set makes this an excellent way to start your Arena.

Thanks, TC
The Ludus Arena Scenery Set is the best value way to get started. Enough included to give you an fantastic starting point. Not only that it's also on a special offer price for this launch week (ends 27th October) You can add to this set with any of the other upgrade options, which can be retro fitted if not added initially.
The simplest option to get you started is the Ludus Arena Starter Set. A 500mm Diameter Arena (19.5")

It can be upgraded with some additional straight walls which allow you to extend to 500x900mm or 700x700mm (or bigger if you use additional walls)
The Grandstand Upgrade Set adds a section for spectators. These simply fit around the curved wall sections and create that crucible of death feel as the crowds bay for blood in the sand.
A Gladiator cage upgrade allows somewhere for the combatants to wait their turn. It includes the curved wall section for easy insertion to the arena.
The animal cage upgrade adds a little character and allows some more exotic beasts to be added to the entertainment. Again like the Gladiator cage it comes with the required gated wall section.
The least exciting option but perhaps one of the handiest these straight wall sections allow you to extend the arena turning it into a large oval or square. as with everything else it can be retro fitted as an expansion at a later stage.
This weeks deal is this 'small' church. We call it a small church because its not as big as some of the other churches we do but with a 300x200mm footprint in not exactly small. It also comes with some gravestones and crypts and a Liche Gate so has the making of a awesome diorama centre point for your boards. Take advantage of our generosity while you can.
Last weeks deal is going to run for a few days more so grab it while it's hot. All this for only £30, why wouldn't you?
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