Sunday, 21 October 2018

Raging Heroes - New Releases

The latest Dark Elf releases from Raging Heroes...
The Dark Elves invasion continues: Long Swords & Halberd Women on the table!
Best deal? Get CG + Troops together!
Oh My Darkness! Well it seems that we have finally released all the Fantasy Dark Elves Troops from TGG2! So now it's your turn to transpose this invasion of beautiful evil miniatures into a crazy army on your table!
Finish your Dark Elves Army now!
CrossbowWomen, SpearWomenSwordWomen, and now you can add the Long Swords and Halberd Women: it's a lot of troops, but we've crafted some special deals so you'll save some money and get extra exclusive models
Bring the Dark Elves invasion to your table!
Story of the Fantasy Elves: The Burnt Ones
At first, they were tempered by the trees' wisdom. But the animal forms were  impatient and excitable.One day, one tribe committed the irreparable: going into a grove where elven trees had been left alone without their animal counterparts, they burned them to the ground. The connexion between the trees and their animal forms was so strong that, even miles away, their animals were instantly covered in burns, their naked flesh transforming into black coal...
Read the full Dark Elves story here!

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