Sunday, 21 October 2018

Anvil Industry - Halloween Releases

Some Halloween themed miniatures from Anvil Industry...

The Vampire Hunter

After a failed literary career and an unsuccessful stint running an occult coffee shop, Baron An Vilsing decided it was time for a career change. He now stalks the night hunting vampires and other misunderstood creatures. When a full moon is visible in the sky, his curse manifests and his face starts to swell and turn orange, contorting into a monstrous pumpkin...   and Vampires thought garlic was bad for them!
Click...if you dare!
Available at a special discounted price until Halloween!


New Pumpkin Heads

Spice up your conversion life with a newly sculpted set of pumpkin heads in Regiments scale. We've massively increased the detail and variety over the original set, here are some examples we built up in the studio. Yes, we got carried away.
Get a head


Pumpkin Patch

If you need something to add character to your dioramas these sets of carved pumpkins and pumpkin patches could be what your missing...
Kind regards,
The Anvil Team
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