Wednesday, 31 October 2018

River Horse - Halloween Newsletter

Well you can't accuse River Horse of not being innovative at least...

Happy Halloween! As a treat we are happy to announce 'The Haunting of Equestria.' This is no trick, it's a brand new adventure, available to preorder soon.

Nightmare Night comes to Ponyville...

Imagine a world in which Princess Celestia failed to defeat her sister. Imagine a world where a sinister reflection of Princess Luna stands victorious, and Equestria lies in darkness. This is the realm of shadow, a parallel world, a separate dimension from the Equestria we know and love. 

On a certain Nightmare Night, when Ponyville is full of celebration, a bridge to this realm is opened, and the shadows set their sights on the world of light.

The Haunting of Equestriais a brand new adventure in the Tails of Equestria range. An original story, this adventure features familiar characters, but not how you remember them. Can you save Equestria from the oncoming darkness?

The Haunting of Equestria will be released in November 2018, and you can preorder your copy on our webstore from midnight tonight!

Also Available - Judge Not By The Cover

If you haven't already got a copy of our previous adventure book, now is the perfect time! Before your Pony Characters gear up to face the shadows on Nightmare Night, they can delve deep into a mysterious and magical library.

Follow a map left by Star Swirl the Bearded, and uncover the secrets of this library, including the identity of the enigmatic creator. Pick up Judge Not by the Cover from our webstore, or in your friendly local gaming shops.

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