Sunday, 21 October 2018

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Some audio tales from the Imperial Guard via the Black Library...
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Judge of the Wastes
Judge of the Wastes
David Annandale
After executing a fleeing Guardsman, Commissar Arehn starts to see the dead man's phantom – what does it mean, and will it lead him to enlightenment or disaster?

It's a dark and sinister audio delving into the humanity of a figure often seen (mostly by the men he disciplines) as singularly inhuman…

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Titan's Bane
Titans' Bane
Chris Dows
Trapped inside a stricken Shadowsword, Lieutenant Quiller must keep her crew safe from harm – both from the enemy and vicious infighting.

It's a tense drama set in the close, cramped confines of an Imperial tank.

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Iron Devil
Iron Devil
C L Werner
Taking refuge from deadly desert storms, the Imperial Guardsmen of the Cadian 267th find themselves in even more danger as they face the might of an ork Morkanaut.

It's an old-fashioned haunted house story – with a distinctly 41st Millennium twist.

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Dark Imperium
Dark Imperium at
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Want to read the new Dark Imperium: Plague War but haven't caught up with the first one? Now's your chance, as the eBook is available at a reduced price for a limited time.
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