Saturday, 27 October 2018

Spectre Miniatures - New Releases

The most recent of Spectre Miniatures vehicle and drone releases...


The BMP1 has been a popular infantry fighting vehicle for decades, and employed by many forces whether build, purchased or captured and put into use.  It is still in use today in many variants and is deal for the use in many roles in games of Spectre: Operations.  This is the standard variant equipped with a 73mm main gun and coaxial 7.62mm machine gun.
Complete resin 1/50 scale model
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Next are our long awaited drones. We've added a Puma UAV, MAARS UGV as well as a Tier 1 Operator to control them (with his own micro drone).
They aren't without opposition though, we've also added an Insurgent drone operator complete with laptop and a commercial quad rotor drone, which could be modified to carry any number of things...


As many of you are aware, we do keep a 'live' stock system, meaning when an item is out of stock in the office, it is shown as out of stock on the website. We are working to keep more stock and have restocks more regularly as Spectre is growing extremely quickly. If a product is out of stock, sign up for the out of stock notification tab that will pop up on the product page. When the item is restocked you will be emailed to let you know it is back.
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