Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Forge World Newsletter #377

I'm a fan of the Iron Hands though with the exception of the Legion symbol these would make pretty good Iron Warriors as well...just don't tell them I said that...

For those Iron Hands who have been found wanting in the eyes of their Primarch, there remains a final chance at glory and redemption within the ranks of the Medusan Immortals.

The Immortals are always found where the battle is fiercest and the chances of survival, even for a Legiones Astartes, are at its dimmest. Armed and armoured principally as Breacher units and featuring a high level of cybernetic rebuild among them, it is their lot and their pride to fight and to die with steadfast cold fury, never breaking ranks, marching relentlessly into the jaws of hell.

Designed by 
Israel Gonzalez, the Medusan Immortals are a five man multi-part kit clad in MkIII Iron Armour that features many details such as cybernetic limbs, and includes optional lascutter and graviton guns.
"As iron sharpens iron, so truth cuts, and war makes right"

Ancient Proverb of the Medusan Clans

Christmas Jigsaw
Each year as we come up to Christmas we release a sneak preview of an upcoming model broken up over the next three newsletters. Here is the first part. Look for part two in newsletter 378.

We have some revised deadlines for ordering in time for Christmas and have managed to push some of these deadlines back. 

Remember, there is still plenty of time to get an order to us for pre-Christmas delivery. We are currently receiving a high volume of orders but our warehouse has everything in hand and we have no shipping delays! You can always upgrade your order to Express shipping to ensure a faster delivery. Remember also that all orders over £250 automatically get upgraded to free Express shipping anywhere in the world.

For all of your Christmas ordering and shipping needs, the Forge World Customer Service team are standing by to help. Our opening hours are 0930 to 1800 (GMT) Mon to Fri and 0930 to 1700 (GMT) on Saturday. Call us on....

0115 9004995 within the UK
011 44 115 900 4995 from USA and Canada
00 44 115 900 4995 from Europe and the Rest of the World 

Warhammer 40,000 Battle Brothers
Forge World will be attending the 
Warhammer 40,000 Battle Brothers event on Saturday 25th January at Warhammer World in Nottingham. You can buy tickets for the event here although you don’t need a ticket to visit our stand as it will be set up outside the event area. If you would like to place a reservation order for this event, you have until midday on Monday 20th January. Click here to find out how to place a reservation order. Any orders placed at the event will receive free shipping. 

We will be announcing our events timetable for 2014 shortly.
Forge World Sales Team

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