Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Malifaux 2nd Edition Assembly Instructions

Those of you luckily enough to acquire some of the excellent new plastic M2E Malifaux starter box sets might be thinking that some instructions might be quite useful...However not all the kits have them included so having easy access to them might also be handy.

I have reproduced them here for every-ones convenience (including myself) though they can be found here if you don't mind a bit of searching however this page is usually up to date if you'd rather scroll than search...

Simply click on the appropriate picture for a larger version. Model kits that are also part of a starter set will have their instructions all together rather than individually.

Alternate Flesh Construct.


Avatar Hoffman.

Bete Noire.


The Brewmaster, Fingers, Wesley and Moon Shinobi.

Burt Jebsen.

Canine Remains.

The Carver.

Collodi, Vasilisa, Marionettes and Wicked Dolls.

Convict Gunslingers.

Dawn Serpent.

December Acolytes.

Desolation Engine.

Desperate Mercenaries.


The Dreamer, Alps, Coppelius, Daydreams and Lord Chomp Bits.

Electrical Creation.

Essence of Power.



Freikorps Strongarm Suit.


Governors Proxy.

Grave Spirit.

Hanged, The.



Hoarcat Pride.

Hoffman, Mechanical Attendant, Hunter, Guardian and Watcher.

Hog Whisperer.



Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Firestarter and Fire Gamin.

Katanaka Snipers.


Kirai, Ikiryo, Lost Love, Onryo and Seishin.

Lady Justice and Death Marshals.

Leveticus and Steampunk Abominations.

Lilith, Terror Tots and Nephilim.

Limited Edition Bayou Gremlin.

Limited Edition Katanaka Sniper.

Limited Edition Performer.

Lone Marshal.

Lucas McCabe, Black Sheep, Sidir and Luna.

Lucius, Captain Dashel, Guild Guards, Lawyers and Scribe.

Malifaux Child.

Marcus, Cojo, Razorspine Rattler and Sabretooth Cerberus.

McMourning and Nurses.

Merris LaCroix.

Mindless Zombies.

Misaki - The Thunder.
Unfortunately there aren't any actual instructions for this crew. The best we have is this colour coded diagram, The sprue itself is lettered though.

Miss Ery.

Miss Step.


Molly, Philip and the Nanny, Necrotic Machine and Crooligans.

Monks of Low River.



Nicodem and Punk Zombies.

Nightmare Tara.

Nightmare Whisky Golem.

Ophelia LaCroix, Young LaCroix and The Kin.

Pandora and Sorrows.

Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps.

Perdita Ortega.



Primordial Magic.

Ramos and Arachnid Swarm.

Rasputina and Ice Gamin.


Rogue Necromancy.

Seamus and Rotten Belles.

Slop Haulers.

Som'er Teeth Jones, Lenny, Bayou Gremlins and Skeeters.

Sonnia Criid and Witchling Stalkers.

Tara, Karina, Nothing Beast and Void Wretches.

University of Transmortis.

The Viktorias and Ronin.

Von Schill, Friekorps and Steam Trunk.


War Pig.

Whiskey Golem.

Widow Weaver.

Yan Lo, Ashigaru, Chiaki and Soul Porter.

Yin, the Penangalan.

Zoraida the Swamp Hag, Bad Juju, Silurid and Voodoo Doll.

As others are released I'll add them in.

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