Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mantic Games Newsletter - Merry Christmas.

The obligatory Christmas newsletter complete with a bit of background material and some event news...

Harsh Lessons!
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Gonak had died like a true hero, fighting a trio of battlesuits. She fought with the cunning of a seasoned brawler, spinning to let blows clatter off her armoured shell before turning back to smash armour open with wide swings of her ceremonial blades. Fillon suspected the Teraton had known it was a losing battle, but had held on long enough for the remaining members of the squad to break away.
They’d learned a lot that day. The Orx were neither savage nor stupid, and they’d paid the price for thinking they were. That’s why they were taking no chances…read more.

Wow, what a year!!

This year has been excellent and we’ve achieved so much, including running three successful Kickstarter campaigns and shipping Deadzone, DreadBall, LOKA, and Kings of War - it's been quite a challenge!

As you might expect from all of this, we’re a little tired and we will taking a break over the next 2 weeks.
We're leaving the armies of Basilea in charge of protecting the Mantic Bunker.

A skeleton team will be in operation answering messages and shipping orders periodically - so there will be a little delay - and we’ll also have a few treats over Christmas, including special deals for the New Year beginning on Boxing Day, so look out for that email.

Thank you for a great year and we look forward to an awesome 2014. We’re re-opening 2nd January!

Don't miss out on your exclusive Survivor!

Deadzone – the science fiction skirmish game – is released February 2014 and, if you can pre-order your copy of Deadzone on our website before 31st December, you can still get the exclusive pre-release Survivor model!

Don't miss it!
Jungle Fever
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Coming January 2013.
Mantic descends on Vapnartak
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Tickets for two events at Vapnartak have gone live today.

The DreadBall Superleague is free to Hex Medallists but if you want to join in, you can pick up a ticket. This isn’t so much a competitive tournament as playing a fun league for the day. If you’ve never participated before this would be a great event for you.

The Kings of War Tournament is the precursor to next year’s Clash of Kings, which you get free entry to if you win the event!

Assemble your army – the time of war is coming!
Mantic Radio is live!!
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The latest episode of community podcast Mantic Radio is now live, and features an interview with Community Manager James M. Hewitt!

Have a listen and let us know what you think on our Facebook page!
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